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I have one younger sister, just call her H.
well she was not a very great sis and she was a little bit.. o VERY mean to me sometimes.
she always says that something i choose is SOO stupid >:( like:

Me :(playing Video game)
my sis: hola that hat tu choose is so ugly
Me : hola tu are the one who choose that hat!!
My sis: oh realy? its great then.

she was very kind to her friend, school friend. she didnt do the same thing to me. she always ask me to help EVERYTHING. like accompany her, take a drink, o else. when i ask to help back, she doesnt help me. well she was kind sometimes.. only sometimes. one thing that i hate her the most: she likes The karate kid movie and always watch it. in the car, in the laptop, ARRGGH everywhere! she dislike Every anime that i like. i already says she sometimes kind, right? she was very very kind when im sick. but she was still my sister, she was still my family. i amor her!