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This alpha y omega arte de los fans might contain tamal, signo, cartel, texto, pizarra, letrero, maní, earthnut, goober, goober guisantes, nuez de mono, cacahuete, goober guisante, guisante de goober, and mono tuerca.

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I just wanted to stop por and say "Heya!" one last time before I'm outta here for good. For those of tu who don't know me, I was the original Sweets here starting a little over two years ago.

Anyway, the reason my mate and I left last año was because most of the original pack here either got banned o left in disgust, thanks to some of the new people here at the time. I've checked in from time to time to see how the old place was doing, but there's really been nothing going on here to get me interested enough to come out of my retirement. I've taken down all my artículos but this one, and now...
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por AllphaFenixWolf
The letter are like the fight and the last one should be Vengance lobo and Katesmate101
Hope tu guys like my Review :)
Hope tu guys liked it :D
now that Alpha and Omega is now on its 8th anniversary, its time I post a story about how I discovered it:

it was somewhere 2010, I went with my cousin & mother to see “2 cine in 1” at a theater which we went to see:

- The Prince of Persia


- shrek Forever After

however during when I went to watch shrek Forever After, there was previews and siguiente thing Alpha and Omega movie was shown when I first time saw that I was all “hey, this looks like Balto” well because they remind me Balto on diseño wise in a way, but though I couldn’t remember the título name after the reveal.

months later...
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Ah, fuck! Look at the dislikes tho 😂
norm of the north 2
Hope tu Enjoy ^^
Scene 2:

(Opening titles appear with dramatic música in the background.)
(It's night now and everyone is sleeping in the den. Humphrey tosses and turns, talking in his sleep.)
Humphrey: Mom. Dad. No. Don't leave. Help!
(Meanwhile, just outside the den, Kate and Winston are quietly talking.)

Winston: We can't keep it a secret any longer. He has to know the truth.
Kate: I agree.

(The siguiente day, Winston calls a pack meeting.)

Winston: Everyone, quiet!
(The entire pack was gathered in the center of the valley. Winston stood on a rock as Cando and Hutch sat on either side of him.
Hutch: Are tu sure we should...
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posted by HumphreyWolfMan
In the movie, the lobos contains human like characteristics. That means they can think like a human, but can also pass on ideas like how humans do. The first movie clearly shows this.

Assuming the logic of that is meant to be realistic, does that make it alright for the lobos to know human phrases without mostrando that they learned it on the same movie?
The answer is long, and in short, it's a "yes".

In Ratatouille, Remy was able to know how to cook, and know a lot of human phrases because he learned how to, and even the movie showed that.
Alpha and Omega did not do that.

Many can assume...
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This is a review of Alpha and Omega 2 A Howling día Adventure
Ok im new so it wont be very good

In the movie it works out with Kate and Humphrey right well in an alternative reality Lilly and Humphrey work out but in a different way. After Kate dicho take Humphrey away to go get berries in the movie Humphrey didnt go with Lilly he sat por the stream but in my story they go get berries but they meet a very large oso, oso de and humphrey takes it down and kills it on the got aroused por that because she likes strong omegas so lilly told kate what happened she dicho jesús Chrihst and was like how the hell did he do that he is not that strong o she thought.

well hope tu like it if tu do ill write más i bursting with ideas
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Aliesha Staples is the founder of Staples VR in New Zealand. And I am going to meet her and the other people at Staples VR and talk to them about Alpha and Omega VR. Please watch it. Here a link to their website: link Thanks.
staples vr
alpha y omega
new zealand
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For those whos wondering wheres the video as I promised I would make it
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i know this has nothing to do with A&O, but i decided to share it with y'all, 'cause i really like this song