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 Lilly's bad side
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I'd hate to get Lilly mad
arte de los Fans
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Source: i got the pic from google and i edited it
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Jumped on the Ocean Man playover bandwagon lol
Scene 1:
(Movie starts out at the den. Everyone is there, Kate, Humphrey, the pups, and Garth and Lilly. It's Father's día and Winston and Eve and Tony will soon be arriving. Humphrey is watching the pups to make sure they don't get into trouble.)
Kate: Humphrey, could tu and Lilly help me finish up Dad's gift? I want it to be perfect.
Humphrey: But Kate, what about the pups?
(Marcel and Paddy arrive.)
Marcel: That is where we come in.
Kate: Marcel, Paddy!
Humphrey: Guys, we're so glad tu could make it.
(Marcel and Paddy look around the den.)
Paddy: Well, it looks like everyone's here.
Lilly: And...
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A very underwhelming fight. Best parts were Princess falling back from the battle and Lilly's participation in the fight.
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rogue lobos
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There was a zorro, fox kit, about three months old, and an adult lobo who had crossed paths. The zorro, fox kit, named Jix (Jee), was chasing a mariposa in the forest, jumping at it but failing each time, being playful as ever, despite being an orphan with no inicial o parents.

The lobo was only taking a stroll though. lobos don't like foxes, and will kill if a coyote o zorro, fox enters their territory, and sometimes eat it.

The lobo growled and snarled at the kit when it ran out from the bushes and right in front of him. "A fox..." he snarled. "My siguiente kill. Alright, kit, last words? I'll be sure to make...
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I try making a point, of reviewing horrible, horrible stories, so others don't have to go though lectura them. Though it probably dosen't work, tu guys probably read the shit anyway..

This one I TRUELLY hate everything about it.
It's worse then Lilly's opposite side.

The best way of describing this story.
Is saying its a lobo verison of FILLY FOOLING.
Sex is primary theme.
No real plot..

It's starts off joining a scene from Towards North with Blood (same writer). But it's turns into a incest between Kate and Lilly.
Though por now, I guess that isn't overly serpriseing.
It happens a lot unfortantly,...
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