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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 4

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Nick Wolfe: *Sitting siguiente to Princess* Princess, why does Clash work for your father if he abused him?

Princess: Clash grew up a living weapon...he so powerful, that he was banished from the pack. This was before Kate and Humphrey united the packs.

Nick Wolfe: But why does he support King?

Princess: King got him a comfortable spot in the Rogues. He betrayed his original kind for power and greed.

Nick Wolfe: *Sighs* So I guess there is no turning back for him.

Princess: I still think he can be saved. What do tu think, Wolfe?

Nick Wolfe: Yeah! Anyone can become...
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“Life with Wolves” Chapter 2: School Troubles 1/2

Mack’s (me) P.O.V

10 minutos later…

After licensing to two más songs (not going to say what they are cause I can’t think of any) I arrived at the school, when I got off my bike to lock it to the bike rack I saw my 5 Best friends Mike, James, Keith, John, and Nick standing por the door to the school passing a ball to each other.

Now guest I’m going have to tell tu guys what their like well I’ll go one por one I guest. (So no one asks yes we like to wear black, white and grey) oh and we all know how to the play piano.

Mike is the brown...
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posted by Xero_Pyramid206
 Katie Herself
Katie Herself
Name: Katie Ashton

Age: 18

Rank: Omega

Children: Blaze, Alessa, Shadow.

Sex Female

Mate: Xero_Pyramid206 (Chris Ashton)

Likes: Chris, Beer, Cigarettes, Books, Movies, Video Games, Hunting, Sex, Swimming, Sleeping, Annoying Chris, masturbating. Chocolate

Fetish: culo Worship, Drowning, Underwater, Breathplay, and a few others.

Dislikes: Anyone who is seen as a threat to the club, trolls, THE troll, VengenceWolf, A&O Haters, Ignorant spoiled Bratty children, Immaturity, people at Chris' School, no sex. Chris' early orgasams. chocolate Haters.

Music: Eminem, Rock, Country, Death Metal, Epic Scores

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So it was the night after Humphrey had rap a song he wrote to garth and now garth want a rap battle he mostrar him a rap battle at Tony's bar and pub...In the morning humphrey got up went to the pub and found all his fans there and garth was being booed por humphreys fans... then humphrey dicho 'Let do this bitch' [Humphrey's song starts now] [Kate preforms these () and garth preforms theses {}] (My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I..
got out of cama at all
The morning rain clouds up my window..
and I can't see at all
And even if I could it'll all be gray,
but your picture on my wall
It reminds me,...
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posted by anubis210
The dark crow…it hovers over it’s pray for hours, the lone lobo run’s try’s to escape it’s grasp. The lobo looks up; he keeps running, the cuervo comes down trying to attack him but misses. The lobo pants as he runs, he comes to the edge of a cliff, stuck, stranded; he looks down. The cuervo coming towards him, not knowing what to do he stands there, the cuervo comes down swiped him, he ducked to avoid; the huge bird flew around him and went back to attack, he hits the lobo as he falls down the cliff into the water; segundos later he woke up panting hard.
“It was a dream? He sighed, the...
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Everyone’s bored now that their separated from the Balto characters.

Humphrey was sitting there… bored. Kate came up to him.
“Hey Kate.”
“Hey Humphrey.”
“I’m bored.”
“Me too.”
“Metallica stayed with Star, Kaltag, and the rest.”
“That’s a shame, because I want to listen to Metal.”
Humphrey got up and walked away. Out of nowhere, he heard a guy yell “NIGHMARE!!!”
“What the hell!?”
“And your nightmare comes to life!”
Humphrey entered the room where all the yelling was coming from. He saw a man with sunglasses on. However it was 9:00 P.M....
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posted by TimberHumphrey
after hearing bout Kate getting married to Garth, Humphrey's heartbroken so he decides to leave Jasper.

Humphrey: (thinks of Kate) Kate, why would tu do this?

He goes across Garth's territory, where Garth sees him leaving Jasper, and he starts to feel bad.

Garth: Where ya off to, Humphrey?
Humphrey: Well... i'm just... i'm just out for a little stroll and, uhh....
Garth: You're leaving huh?
Humphrey: (sighs) Yea, i'm... (sniffs a bit) i'm off to see where the train takes me.
Garth: Ya know, truth is: i don't wanna do this, i never did. But just so tu know, i lost Lilly too.
Humphrey: She really liked...
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posted by RadLilly
The irresistible call of crickets slowly took off as the delightful song of the early bird began to fill the air in the fellowship of Spring's sun, which was a sign to all the creatures that the time had come to start the día anew.

Light slowly crept across the land, as the shadows of the night retreat into the deepest holes where they would hide until they were free once más from the repression of the sun. As the light spreads, the early bird was joined por the immense chorus of chirps and calls which let all who could hear know it was a great día to live.

As the light slowly spreads across...
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posted by TrishOmega
    I didn't ask for this. I want to go back to the way things were. My name is Trisha Abbinanti, welcome to my story.

    “Trisha, my dear, please mind your manners. Slouching is not the way an Alpha like yourself sits”. I quickly glanced at my mother and erected myself upright. “Y-yes ma’am. I apologize”. As I averted my attention adelante, hacia adelante once more, I could still feel her deep blue eyes trying to catch the attention of mine. We sat for a brief moment in complete silence, her eyes still embedded into my fur. She resented me, and I knew it. The...
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Is hutch OK'' Rocko asked
He's fine he lead your squad to victory'' Winston said
Wow its over'' Rocko sighed
He could live happy now but he liked having a job
Rocko looked in the news paper
Local pizzeria needs night guard
This will work'' he said
You must be Rocko'' the manniger said
Yes sir'' Rocko said
Let's see tu served in the US armed forces
You lost your right eye
Lost your right arm
The manniger looked at his silver arm
You got your Carrie and conseal and FOID card
You are 5'11
178 lb
Birth fecha is ... 1987
You are known to smoke
And injury's
Shot multiple times
And tu escaped forms...
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*All credit goes to DarthGoldstar710 (from DeviantART)

Chapter 5: Golfing Tournament
- - - - -
The siguiente morning, Hutch and Wildflower wake up to the sound of birds chirping.

"Good morning, my love." Hutch says,

"Good morning." Wildflower says, then she looks to see Hutch's foreleg is wrapped around her.

"Uh, Hutch," Wildflower says, "Why is your foreleg on me?"

"You looked like tu were shivering last night and I wanted to keep tu warm." Hutch says, nuzzling Wildflower.

"Thanks." Wildflower says, blushing a bit.

"So, what do tu want to do today?" Hutch asks Wildflower,

"Anything tu want." Wildflower...
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posted by BronyWolf
hola all tu wolves!!! TIS me!! Sxyomega!! If tu don't remember o don't know who I am I am the autor of the Beloved series "The Brotherhood" (If it is still beloved). I'm so happy to be back! I've missed everyone dearly. I forgot all of my stuffs to log into my sxyomega account. So I would be happy to get all of my friends back. :C Like...katealphawolf if he is still even here. o garth. o Simba. :c I miss tu guys so much!!!!!

So please, feel free to add me. And PLEASE read the brotherhood. You'll enjoy it.

Thanks for tu time and I look adelante, hacia adelante to many más memories in the future!!!
posted by Kitsune32
Here's Chapter 10. I'll try to see if I subir another chapter today.

Magril's POV

I had just woken up resting my head on my dad's chest. As I opened my eyes, I could see the sun was already rising. Looking around, my brother was still asleep as he was curled up along my dad's side. Since I couldn't go out, I decided to go to sleep for a bit. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

Magril's Dream

I found myself in a flowery field besides Runt. We were nuzzling each other. Runt then picked a flor and place on my ear. "There now tu look even más beautiful than before," he told me. "Thanks," I replied...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Ep 5: III (part 2)

Nistra: *jumps and kicks III*

III: *falls over*

Nistra: amor has made two into one! Nicks strength and Astras intellect, we are the Ultimate one!

III: NO! I am the Ultimate one! *gets up and fires Magma*

Nistra: *teleports to III's face*

III: Hey!

Nistra: *slashes and shatters III*


Nistra: Why are trying to hurt the Wolves?

III: Must...for master...I...

IV: *appears*

III: me...

IV: Uh no *absorbs III, leaving an odd card and a H Piece*

Nistra: IV!

IV: I must be going now! *disappears*

Nistra: *de-fuses back into Nick and Astra*

Nick: *Sees the H Piece and...
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posted by trueshadowwolf
the air plain crashed. cause the driver was a fucking dumbass. right now im on a fucking beach. im probly on some island o something. now i got to find the rest of the guys. and its night...just perfect. "THEN HE HAD TO WALK ACROSS THE playa TO FIND HIS FRIENDS!!!" the announcer said. "HEY SHUT UP!!!" i said. "NO tu SHUT UP SMART MOUTH!!!" the announcer said. i walked across the beach. but the announcer WONT LEAVE ME ALONE. then...i found a body...IT WAS NICKER11500!!! he was laying on the beach. looked like he was still asleep. then i woke him up. "nicker11500 tu ok?" i said. "trueshadowwolf....what...
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posted by HumphreyAlpha
A few years after the debacle that had led to an insane cruzar, cruz country trip with a delusional, if handsome, white dog and a very delusional hamster, Mittens found herself, once again, lonely. The part of the country she lived in, the Midwest, was profoundly empty of other cats. She had yet to see más than one other cat since they'd moved there after the studio fuego in Los Angeles. The solitude both cheered and depressed her. It was cheerful because there weren't gatos around that would be able to hurón, ferret away Penny's affections, but depressing that there weren't gatos around at all. But, in Mittens'...
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posted by KateLillyWolfy
It was a warm cozy evening, Kate and Humphrey were already in bed. Every thing was well, for a little while. They had their door locked and all of sudden the door was shaking. Kate stirred and then woke up. She saw the door, and freaked out. She woke Humphrey to take a look. He went to the door, shaking with a butcher cuchillo he always kept in his drawer, Kate heard someone calling her name, and began to cry. Humphrey approached his door, his corazón pounding, wanting to cry, but before he could open it the door opened por itself.
posted by TheChriZ1995
A/N: It's finally here! The sequel to my first successful story "Adventures" has arrived and a whole new adventure awaits Kate and Humphrey. Please be sure to read the first part of "Adventures" before lectura this story and enjoy!

Chapter 1: Welcome to Parenthood

Two weeks later
Humphrey's POV

Life these past two weeks has been going great, mine and Kate’s pups are strong and healthy and just learning there first words. Kate had mostly stayed in my parents guarida, den taking care of the pups while I mostly ran around hunting caribou to keep the pups and Kate from going hungry. My parents had done there...
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posted by HumphreyWolf11
UPDATE: Ich werde nicht wirklich nutzen * in bestimmte nicht text Ereignisse zeigen, auch ich meinen Namen geändert, um Darren (Es ist besser, als Tag der mit Abstand)
Ich erwachte aus meinem Schlaf ging ich um guarida, den Schlaf, die in der Nähe meiner Augen i Mein Pelz geleckt und standed langsam war wischen
"Oh, ich verließ das TV auf dem" i sagen, packte der Fernbedienung zum Ausschalten des TV
Als ich ihn auszuschalten ging, hörte ich einen Schuss i sofort rannte nach draußen, um dann zu untersuchen i gesehen Poacher, dass im Besitz einer Schrotflinte auf guarida, den Boden, war Jakob, der stark blutete...
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Eight walked casually, slowly, his every muscle sore and bruised, his face throbbed from the kicked up debris he encountered during the chase. Even his wound burned, despite it being quite healed for some time. His eyes were heavy and each time a paw hit the ground it hit with the weight of a stone, his body being kept from the ground por sheer force of will alone.
He was exhausted. He woke to see two full sunrises since he had last rested, and finished off the segundo día with a brisk run with the lead Alphas. A trying task, especially for the likes of him.

As the día passed into the noon hours...
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