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posted by SentinelPrime89
This movie has always been somewhat of an on/off experience for me. I enjoyed it when I saw it in theaters back in September of 2010 and a mes o so after picking up the DVD, it became an obsessive compulsion from early 2011 to around mid-2012. Nowadays while I still like the movie, I have not watched it nearly as often as I used too, maybe two times between every few months. Sometimes I've held off of it for about a year. And I plan to continue it that way because back then where I call "the dark ages", that obsession was just unhealthy especially around the movie's lead female, Kate.

Now I'm reviewing it as I see it now and personally like I said, it's OK. It's nothing remarkable o special o new. It's mostly Romeo & Juliet with wolves, just like The Lion King is Hamlet with lions. The story is simple, the animación is so-so, and the characters are all likable enough even if they're simply following generic stereotypes. The movie's soundtrack is also pretty good though it'll only be memorable por those who really have o had a good connection to this movie.

This movie's biggest flaw was and still is to this día is the amateurish fanbase behind it now. I know only of a handful of people now who actually just treat the movie as a movie and not God's greatest gift to furrydom. It doesn't help much matters at all with the terms "wolfaboo" and "furfag" being thrown around every time someone has an opposite opinion.

I'm rambling... Anyway, my rating here is 6/10. It's an OK movie. I've seen much worse (Norm Of The North, Happily Never After, el espacio Chimps, fuckin Foodfight). I'd even watch this over Frozen.
Her Father Okari, a dark male lobo about Five foot nine with blue eyes had finally stopped abusing Tesla, a Blue-ish Female lobo about Five foot seven with Silverish eyes, all for nothing.
I watched out from the window, witnessing the tragic scene. Tesla tried not to cry as her Father told her not to. Her bumps and bruises were forming from her face through body; she spitted blood across the broken floors about three to four inches… her beautiful looks, drained from her Father’s paws.
Her tears dripped down, calling for her Mother back and for help. Just standing behind the window made me...
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so here's the russian trailer for oveja and lobos
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another one of my videos!
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posted by HumphreyAlpha
After clearing up that fight with Lilly and Garth, which involved a berry-eating ardilla and Reba the vegetarian, Akita and Delneco were under the impression that their work was done for the day.
They couldn't be más wrong.
"Hey, Deke, I'll meet tu at the Moonlight Howl, alright, brother?" Akita said, still giggling from how they they helped Garth out. "I've got some stuff to take care of."
Deke shot him a curious look, but didn't push the issue. Akita would tell him when he was ready.
"That's cool, bro. Just be careful, alright?" he dicho to Akita.
Akita nodded back at him, and Delneco trotted...
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Well, guys, since the first chapter fell so great In the prices, here's the segundo chapter, enjoy;

Chapter 2: The nightmare evolves.

Balto and Ewan were sitting at the fuego in Jenna's house. "Ewan, tu where going to tell who Martin is and what he o it have do do with Jenna?" Balto said. "Well, err, I don't know how to start, but I.....wait I do know again. Balto, do tu know my father Barrow?" "Err, yes. Isn’t it that big husky where Jenna always could come when she was sad?" "Yes, he is, o if I can better say, was. He died just two years after she was born."


It was an stormy night...
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posted by lillyomegawolf1
Authors Note: This isn't just a tribute to Lilly and Garth, this articulo is for my mate Garth123. I amor tu soo much! <3

I was walking around, minding my own business. And thats when I met him. the cute and hott Garth. I went over to talk to him. I said, "Hi, my names Lilly. And your. . ." "Garth. My names Garth. Your cute Lilly." he told me. As we were talking I began to blush. "He Lilly, would you, uh, like to be my girlfriend?" he asked me.

"Sure." I told him, and he kissed me. We kept walking, and we came into a field of flowers. The flores and césped, hierba were as big as we were, so I ducked...
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Chapter 14: The Last Stand

The battle continued to draw out, and both sides were exhausted, as they had both been fighting non-stop for the past hour-and-a-half, but it looked as if the lobos had finally won when all the remaining humans suddenly turned around and retreated back into the forest. But not five minutos later, the lobos heard the sound of even más trucks, but they couldn't see them. They heard the sound of doors slamming but they didn't see any humans. Everyone was extremely confused. They all looked at each other, not knowing what to say, o what to do.

Then, out of nowhere,...
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The dubbing is SHIT. Why even dub the original voices anyway?
alpha y omega
posted by ghost_machine
Humphrey's Backstory

This plot is quite different than anything I've ever seen in fan fictions o in various discussions about Humphrey's parents, and it's a bit far fetched, but hopefully it's at least interesting o sparks a creative mind to write a story.

Humphrey is born early to a pair of alpha parents, and they fear that he won't live due to his premature birth. Ever since they first discovered that they were going to be parents, they planned on their pup being a proud, strong alpha, but when they discovered that he was going to be an omega, their plans changed. Humphrey received his name...
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added by TimberHumphrey
Because MojoOmegaWolf gets away with más lies, made people outside the site harass me because he couldn't borrar the offense lying article.

And the reason why this never stopped was because MojoOmegaWolf brings old things out today, makes lies about me, claims that I tell people how to think when he does the SAME FUCKING THING.
(Today he told people how to think for the wrong ways)
Yet, when people argue and fight for más fun and freedom, OF COURSE that tells people how to think, but that's what everyone does.. My ideas, o Mojo's ideas.. Both are no different in TERMS OF THAT.

People are allowed...
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posted by GANGSTA-BoSS
Hello everyone,
When I looked fanclub "Kate and Humphrey" I found a fan fiction about their wedding so here it is. :)
BTW: This fan fiction is writed por link

It has been an hora since the caribou incident and all Kate and Humphrey wanted to do was spend the rest of the día together. "oh Kate tu don't how happy I am now that we're together" dicho Humphrey. "I feel the same way Humphrey" replied Kate, nuzzling his neck. They continued waking when Humphrey noticed Kate didn' t have her flower." hola Kate what happened to your flower?" Kate just now noticed that it wasn't there. "Aw man it must have...
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