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posted by sierradawn9
Ash thought silently while the others discussed the picture. She sat cross-legged on the floor.<So, what, now I have a brother?!>she thought. pato, drake looked over his shoulder to Ash and noticed something, but decided now wasn't the best time to spring it on her. He continued the conversation. He dicho something that Zero didn't like.
"Boy don't go disrespecting your elders!"he said.
<Dork>Ash thought.
"I am so much older than tu that I was with Flandrę when she was declared Goddess of Fire!" pato, drake stated.
The whole room froze.
"Yeah, so I am your elder!"
Zero's eyes were like frying...
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posted by sierradawn9
pato, drake smirked at Ash. She felt sooo awkward.
"W-well let's see what's down there...."she dicho shakily. Justin frowned at Drake. pato, drake nodded and removed his gaze. Ash moved over to the división, split board. She reached in. She pulled out what looked like a photo.
"Uh Safire....isn't this your mom?" Ash asked. Safire looked at the picture.
"Yeah! Hey...this girl looks just like you! But she has red hair!" she noted. Ash took the picture. Her eyes scanned it, then she opened her silver locket. Her eyes widened.
"That's my mom!" she exclaimed in shock. pato, drake moved behind her and looked over her shoulder...
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posted by sierradawn9
pato, drake was going to break the ice with Ash.
He took her to a resturaunt with his band, and they were gonna play. The song was going to be a surprise for Ash.

She was wearing a long dark red satin dress with black sandals. He was wearing a suit between a tux and regular clothes.
He and his band got onstange, and the música started.
"Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell,It was amor from above, that could save me from hell,She had fuego in her soul, it was easy to see,that the devil himself could be pulled out of me,there were drums in the air as she started to dance,all the souls in...
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posted by sierradawn9
pato, drake walked over to Ash and Justin."What do tu mean 'in the floorboard'?!"He knelt down too.
The russet-colored floorboard was slightly open-- like diagonally from the floor. None of them could see inside, since the crack was so small.
"Guys, wanna help me get this open?" Ash asked to no one in particular. pato, drake and Justin nodded. Zero had vanished, and the window was open.
"Figures my brother would leave when the most exciting thing would happen..." Justin noted.
"Just like my brother," pato, drake said. Justin stared at Drake. Ash sighed.
"Guys...helooooooo! Let's try to get this open..." Justin...
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posted by sierradawn9
Ash stared in disbelief at her old enemy... Zero Leo jr., who was just standing por her bed, smirking. pato, drake was literally steaming. Zero looked... Different. He cut his dreadlocks to look like Trunks from Dragonball probably.
"I'll ask tu again, Vermin, what are tu doing here?!" pato, drake demanded again. Zero looked at Drake, the Ash.
"Ashy! Whatchu been doin' lately? I see tu got a new friend," he greeted. He glared at Drake. Ash was so ready to bitchslap him. Zero took a step towards Ash, as if he wanted to get slapped. pato, drake growled.
"Answer him, Zero!"she warned. Zero rolled his eyes.
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posted by sierradawn9
Ash was on her usual route, flying above the city. She was joined por her friend Drake. Ash landed on the very parte superior, arriba of the Empire State Building. pato, drake floated behind her.
"What's wrong, Ash?"he asked.She frowned at the city.
"....Nothing, I guess..."she responded. pato, drake crossed his arms.
"C'mon, Ash--spill,"he growled.Ash's eyes scanned the ground.
"Today's the anniversary of my mother's death, that's all..."she sneered at the city. pato, drake snapped his fingers in front of her face, and she jump started into the air. She dived down into the busy streets, maneuvered through pedestrians, almost...
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"I dicho 'Who are you?'!Answer me!"The creature demanded.Ash still couldn't see him.It was way too dark to see his face.She only saw his eyes.His glowing red eyes...
"I'm...A-Ash"she told him.His eyes brightened.
"There now was that so hard?Now why are tu here?"His voice got softer.Silkier.
"I-I-I took a wrong turn..."she replied in a shaky voice.The eyes narrowed.
"You look cold for a Flamelon..."the creature said.A white hand came into the light."Here.At least let me help tu up...'Ash'."
"Who are you?Step into the light..."Ash shrank back into the shadows.The creature sighed.He took one...
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The time was around 7:00 pm and Ash was still in the city rose garden.She loved that place with all her heart.But there was a place in that garden that she loved más than all the others:The Solstice Rose Bed.The ancient flor cama was hidden safely away from wandering eyes,the entrance laced with bramble,poison ivy,and the thorny rose vines themselves.Ash was the only person in a century to find this flor bed.The flores were wilted then,so she took great care of them.Unknown to her,the flores were so grateful that they wait for her before the surprise happens.These beautiful rosas began...
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posted by Alicethebat
Name: Ashlynn(Ash) Rose Black
Age:depends what story tu read
DOB:July 16
Species:vampire bat
Gender:well no duh female
Theme:Behind these Hazel Eyes por Kelly Clarkson
Powers:Chaos control,Demon of light,angel of darkness,flame queen,dutchess of ember,Ash reborn(like a hyper Ash),tsunami,flame wheel.
Vehicle:Motorcycle ever since she turned 19 dado to her por Storm
weapon:a dragon long sword
Family:Storm(adopted sister),Sage(twin)
Friends:Safire the-half- demon,Justin Leo,Candy Umbri(sorta),Renee Quartz,Sun the cat,Ice the Echidna
Enemies:Zero Leo(sorta),Eggman,Amy,Rouge,and effin clowns(they creep her...
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posted by Alicethebat
"Now I just wanna slap tu both..."I said."Heh heh I'd like to see tu try.I'm 5 years older than tu squirt"Zero said.I shot fuego at his butt."OW!!!SH*T!!MOTHER F'ER!!!"Now I cracked up."Hey Zero--""WHAT!!??"he interrupted Justin."We found a Krimson Dynomo out in the field.We need it removed.""WELL MAYBE IF MISS FLAME HERE HADN'T SCORCHED MY A**,MAYBE I WOULD BE HAPPY TO FRICKIN HELP!!!BUT NOOOO SHE JUST HAD TO TORCH ME!!"His voice was so loud,it echoed through the halls.Echidnas came from other tunnels to see what was going on.A familiar echidna came from one hole."Hey Uncle Knuckles"I said.He...
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posted by Alicethebat
The object was barely sticking up out of the ground.It looked like the parte superior, arriba of a frisbee.I reached down to touch it,but Justin gasped and yelled."Ash!Don't touch it!I know what it is!We gotta go find Zero!"He grabbed my hand and led me away.We were off to find Zero Leo jr.Big surprise.Justin always depended on his older brother, even though he's only a año older that Justin.We ran for a little bit,then Justin jumped down a hole in the ground.I snatched my hand back just in time so I wouldn't get dragged down there too."At least freakin' trust me this time Ash?I won't let tu land on your butt...
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posted by sierradawn9
I was flying low over the valley when I saw something shiny.It was a golden yellow.<A chaos esmeralda out here?>I tried to swoop lower but an arrow cut my path.A black-and-yellow echidna with a bow was aiming at me again."Justin stop being so freakin' stupid!It's me Ash!"He lowered his weapon."Sorry Ash!"he called out.I flew over to him.He hid his bow behind a rock that looked like a demolished pillar.Justin is 4 years older than me,making him 16(yes I'm 12).His dreadlocks are black with a yellow stripe down the front."So what are tu doing out here Ash?"he asked."I shrugged"Just wandering...until tu almost shot me...*shrugg*"Justin blushed,looking very embarrassed."Yeah sorry about that"...Awkward silence."Hey I think I saw a chaos emerald!Right over there!"I said,pointing to the place where I saw the yellow glint.Justin and I raced over there and saw something...but not a chaos emerald...

~To be continued~
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posted by sierradawn9
Name:Alice(Blade) Crystal Jinx
Species:vampire bat
gender: Female(NO DUH!)
powers:Monsoon,tsunami,inferno,ember,ignite,Chaos control,fire princess,chaos reverse,chaos spear,flame wheel,angel of darkness,devil of light,aura sight.
theme(changed):Angel of darkness
family:California May Jinx,Rouge the bat.
friends:Diva the Shadow cat,Zero the echidna,Mary the cat,Shadow the Hedgehog.

Alice was born on Mobius with her twin sister,Cali.Her parents were killed por an unknown man when she was eight.Her parents friends división, split up the twins.Aliky the Echidna(Zeros mom) took Alice and Famina the...
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"Wake up sleepy!"my cousin rouge turned on the light and flipped over my mattress.
"AAA!"I yelled as i fell to the concreat floor of rouges basement."at least get a freakin floor rug!"i dicho to rouge.she ignored me and tossed me the uniform for our school, a red camisa, camiseta and caqui shorts.I packed my homework into my backpack after dressing."god i hate school!"... i flew to school instead of the bus cuz that floor hurt my arm!***
I went to my locker in a hurry.Rouge dicho she was playing hookey today.If the principal asks im TOTALLY ratting her out!And my luck;
PA:Blade the bat please reportar to the...
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added by sierradawn9
Alices theme is ángel of darkness because she is one