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songoku1112 posted on Oct 26, 2009 at 06:17AM
Hello fans, well actually there are only like 7 of you but that doesn't matter. I have just read air gear and LOVE it. The idea that you can use skate to fight and race is amazing.

So i encourage all of you to make your own Air gear character to show me more about this anime.

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hace más de un año nothing956 said…
i would if i could but i cant draw for shit
hace más de un año songoku1112 said…
big smile
you dont have to, just create a charcter a charachter. Name, occupation, skate, what kind of spirit thing they have when the battle, etc. what team he or she is on. and i actually might draw your character when i learn more about Air gear. That also mean i encourage all of you to post facts on Airgear so that i can learn more about it :).
hace más de un año nothing956 said…
well give me a day or so to think about it as for facts on air gear go to link they have alot of good facts if you have any other questions like other series by the same author etc. feel free to ask

(i love this pic)
 well give me a día o so to think about it as for facts on air gear go to
hace más de un año songoku1112 said…
omg thats hella funny, and ill look the facts up tomarrow and post my own character :)
hace más de un año nothing956 said…
hace más de un año songoku1112 said…
big smile
this is my character.

Name: Alester Fuiser


Apearance: Alester has short white and lavender hair. His eyes are known as the "eyes of seduction". He wears green nikes that someone gave him when he saved a group from death. he wears a green and black hat along with a green polo shirt with a popped collar. His hair is flat and calm looking. Alester also has a sticker on his skates that say, "i heart boobies".

bio:Alester developed the Slave Road. the Slave Road is based around creating a condensed form of the wind and becoming its slave. On instict from the flow of the wind and the user, the contained highly pressured air can be used to create a powerfull kick that would shatter mountains (in this matter the pressured wind circles around his skates at incredubly high speeds and create a highly pressured feild around his feet and legs. this is good for offense as we as defence) Alester can also use this to ride on the sky by creting a feild of this highly condensed air as his feet rise from ground to sky. the non-condensed air that the skates come in contact with become incredbly pressured forming a platfom on air! he has to continuesly move to be able to prety much fly on the air(this goes along with his flowing motion combat)he has only three moves that he has given names to.

Black wing feather: Alester soars into the sky using the ability to climb the sky, the falls down like a feather, rocking slowely as he decends. He creates highly pressured air streaks in the shape of cresent moons while he decends. he then kicks the pressured air streaks in order to attack from the sky. he can also use this on the ground, but its not as strong as it would be in the sky.

Blackwing genises, Blackwing gale meteor: this time Alester has to climb the sky in order for him to use his raigla, the ancient black wind raigla (HAs the ability to condense air 100000000 X times faster then normal and release it within 1 seconds) When using this his wheels on his skates spin soo fast that wind spirals are formed around the wheels, the color of the wind spirals are black. he then kicks twice, one for each spiral, and the spirals shoot to the earth, causing a giant cretor to be born. the spirals fuse in mid decent to the earth to create a sphere of black incredebly pressured wind.
Eyes of seduction/intellect: This is Alester pride and joy. he has acheived the ability to read the brain waves that are sent through the body making decisions and actions. With this he knows what his opponent wi do before the opponent figures out what he will do himself because Alester reads the brain waves before they reach their destination in the body.

Likes: he like women, sleep, another kind of sleep (wink wink), and he loves raindeer.( this constantly allows a full amunition of jokes and crude humor to be targeted at him

Hates: Jokes about hi and raindeer, women who ignore him, giggling.

Skates: they are green, but they have 5 wheels. two that are shown on the back and front of the skates and 3 that are between them and raised up so that they can spin, but never make contact with the ground. these wheels are delicate so they must not touch the ground. They to have the sticker. "i heart boobs"
hace más de un año nothing956 said…
name: magato kago (magato means curved blade curved in the sence of warped or evil)
hair: black
eyes: blue and red heterochema
personality: psycopathic
age: 17
favorate food: beating frog heart
favorate drink: vodka (underage drinking)
catch phrase: various use of fuck
team: genesis
road: jade
likes: blood,guts,violance,tits and the rest of the female body,sex,sleeping,video games,porn,playboy mag,simca

hates: drugs,naggy/clingy/greedy women,church,yaoi,fangirls, healthy food,school

skates: black base bright white wheels bright blueish tent on wheels

tricks: 1 unamed rips up bolders from ground and kicks them at high sppeds at people can blast holes through anything depends on size of rock
2 paralize self explanitory short circuts ats and paralizes person as little as a finger or as much as the whole body whatever he decides or any part of the body ex. the heart to kill ya
3 air blast trick 1 without rocks for use at close range to blow people into pieces
3.5 pervy gust a less intence gust of wind to blow womens clothes off completely useless in battle

funny facts: he killed his parents over pokemon cards when he was little hes grown out of pokemon
hes ben arrested for feeling womens boobs 385 times

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hace más de un año songoku1112 said…
nice, i admire your character.
hace más de un año agitofanboy95 said…
hay ;love the character the trick like the perv one that's something i wish i could do lol
hace más de un año skyking said…
i like both of your character equaly
hace más de un año devildude said…
i would write much work
hace más de un año AceDarkwolf17 said…
Name: Matt Styles

Age: 18

Appearance: short black hair, sunglasses, black shirt, gray jacket, dark green pants

Skates: Black with white bird wings design that r on both sides of both skates. The wheels r sky-blue

Team: Element Riders (Leader of his own team)

Road: Sky

1) Spinning Hurricane - While using the Sky Road he does a handstand in mid-air, Spreads his legs and starts spinning rapidly causing a hurricane

2) Un-Named - Uses a gust of wind as a boost of speed