Adventures in wonderland favorito! AIW Songs?

AlicesongFan posted on Nov 25, 2008 at 11:53PM
Hi! I was just wondering what everyone’s favorite AIW char songs were? I’m just curious. I’d figure I’d get everyone going wit ha little question.

Here are mine:


“Say Howdy Instead of Hello”
”Adventures in a Winter Wonderland”
”If I Had a Bicycle”
”Speaking Terms”
”A Thousand Uses”
”Clean as a Whistle”
”We’re All Winners”
“Polka Dotted Hat”
”Picture Perfect”
”I’ve Got a Nose for Noses”
”Somebody Temporarily Yours”
”Royal Toss Up”
”The Big Nose Blues”

(As you can see, my Alice song collection is probably the longest one you’ll see here! GOL!)

The Tweedles:

“Take a Few Lessons from Me” Tweedle Dee
”That Could Never Happen to Me” Tweedle Dee
”To Eat or Not to Eat” Tweedle Dum
“In the Interest of Science” Tweedle Dee/Dum
“How Many Jelly Beans” Tweedle Dee/Dum
“Let’s All Stand Up”
“The Last Word”
“Very Able Bunny”


“Thanks But No Thanks”
“White Elephants into Gold”
“It’s All Up Here”
”The Ferity Well Spell Remover”
“The Hatter’s Hare Raising Shampoo”
“I Did It for Dear Old Granny”
“The Vowels Are Your Friends”

The Red Queen

“Nobody Corrects thee Queen”
”A Chalice for My Palace”
”Friendly Bunch Folks”
“I Can Top That”
“I’m Sure”
“Ghost in the Palace”
”Pretty as a Picture”
”You’re My Top Hatter”
”Royal Queen of Edakut”
”My Red Letter Day”
“Roll With the Punches”
”Silence is Golden”


“The Book of Thank You’s” w/Alice
”Look, A Book, OH Boy Let’s Read” w/Alice
”Pizza Night” w/Alice
“Rose Colored Glasses” w/Alice
”Royal Rivals” w/Alice
“There’s a Surprise Inside” w/Alice
“Better Than the Best” w/Hatter
“Nobody Says No to the Queen”

How about everyone else?

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hace más de un año larissad said…
Back at the Top
Clean as a whistle
Pokla dotted hat
Royal space invaders
Bad Hair nightmare