A Very Potter Sequel Favorito! Quote?

Pick one:
"My chest hurts every time i see her and I know its her fault that b*tch" Ron
I'm the boy who lived, not died" Harry
"Not evryone inherited anough money to buy out NASA when our parents die" Draco
"I don't know found him when i got here, i think he's homeless" Harry
"I want hermione Granger, and a rocket ship" Draco
"Kill him Draco. tu coward, ten points from gryffindor" Snape
"Redvines, what the hell can't they do?" Ron
"Draco, sit down tu little sh*t, Champions just a title" Dumbledore
"Dobby, I'm sorry. When I drowned a litter of your young. My brothers?" Draco
"What the hell is a Hufflepuff?" Dumbledore
Am I REALLY supposed to pick just one?
Am I REALLY supposed to pick just one?
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