Canción de hielo y fuego Jon could be Ned's son? Also an alfie allen Possible spoiler

blacina777 posted on Jun 19, 2013 at 03:48AM
Ok, so while I really truly hope that Jon is actually Ned's son, I'm completely aware of all the hints here and there, all the "promise me Ned's" that keep occurring at the most strangest times to Ned. As a result of re reading (which is great lol) I'm also aware that it is mentioned how Ned had been harboring these secrets for 14 years (Jon's age) and the prices he's had to pay for it. Basically despite what I want, I'm aware that Lyanna may be his mother. YET, what if we had this all wrong. These are only hints and clues (some may be a little stronger than others) but that means nothing. I recently read in an article that GRRM gave, where he says that it's funny on the certain things that we (readers/fans) pick up and what we don't. What if we've been to focused to on these clues and what they COULD mean when all along he is simply Ned's son. I know some may think he isn't since Ned never acknowledges him as a son but he actually does (many may have missed that as he only said it once and so early on) but if you all remember from Brans chapter when the boys called for Ned upon finding the dire wolves, he states "come lets see what mischief my sons have rooted at now". He wasn't talking about Bran as he was with Ned, and he obviously wasn't talking of reckon...again this is something people don't pick up as GGRM has said. Also if people didnt fully believe the statement, why was there so much talk about Ashara Dayne being his mother. Yea it may have been a cover up, but with so many people saying the same thing don't you think it's worth it to give that a chance? I highly doubt Ned told anyone that Ashara was the mother (assuming she is) especially since he only admits to there having been a Wylla, so why all the rumors and chatter about her being the mom? We obviously know there was some love, lust or like between Ashara and Ned since people obviously assume she was the mother and simply since we know of his infatuation, so what if she was. How awesome would it be if the honorable and shy Ned actually fell in love with someone and just so happened to have mad a mistake based on his love for her and fathered a child?
What I also thought interesting was when ned mentions that he could picture Jon's face, a younger version of himself and so much like him....what if we read to much into the lyanna theory when it's been sitting right in front of us. I mean again yes it's very compelling evidence but Honestly I'd love him to be Ned's and I'd love to figure out how he came about fathering Jon and his relationship with Ashara. Anyone else possibly agree? Also if we go by Alfie Allen's Luke sky walker situation, wouldn't that mean that Jon's dad is alive? (Kills ned being the dad...but also rheagar) and when he touches upon targaryen incest, then that means that it wouldn't be R+L as they are not related..actually all that does is make the story open to many other possible suggestions for his parents...But for the most part we do know he's a stark!

Sorry it's so long
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hace más de un año blacina777 said…
Excuse my typos. I mean Rickon* and where I said have mad a mistake, I mean made*. So sorry.sorry if there's any words I missed and forgive me for forgetting my question marks :)
hace más de un año Blackfish said…
Wow, a lot of possibilities, but I think that Jon's parents are Rheagar & Lyanna. Ned was protecting Jon from Robert. It never says that Lyanna even liked Robert.
I think that Jon and Kaleese will end up together. Jon can communicate with animals, and I believe he will be a dragon rider and he and Kaleese will up as rulers of the seven kingdom.
But it's all speculation GRRRM never does what you think he'll do :)