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Kaleese619 posted on May 14, 2012 at 08:51PM
It's been a while since I read the books but I don't recall Jamie killing his cousin in the pen like that. I was wondering if I should chalk it up to artistic license on the part of the writers. In any event I found it beyond what Jamie would do. I mean here is this boy pouring out his admiration for Jamie who is his cousin, like he was a god and he kills him; nevermind that it was for a futile attempt at escape. Jamie is better than that, in all his other doings one can see a twisted reason, mainly to protect someone else...pushing Bran to save Cercei, even killing the Mad King was to save everyone from burning. But this.... No! Anybody else have a thought?
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hace más de un año Blackfish said…
I don't remember that either. I'll have to check the book, so far the series seems to stay pretty close to the story.
hace más de un año D_J267 said…
No never happened in the books, Jaime is no kinslayer. That's one of the few liberties the show have taken that I don't like, I truly believe that the Jaime from the books would NEVER have done that, if he didn't kill Lancel for schtupping Cersei, he wouldn't do it to anyone else.

I'm a little worried what this turn will do to Jaime's redemption arc when it comes around in the show, does this act make him irredeemable?

The shows making Cersei less batshit crazy, less Paranoid and a little more sympathetic, but Jaime less so? I don't get it.
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hace más de un año Blackfish said…
You're right D-J267 - maybe they are going to build up Cersei's crazy as time goes on. Hopefully, they don't make Jaime the villan, that's what I like about these books, there are very few completely evil people (except Ramsay Bolton who is a sociopath).
Interesting to see what the show does.
hace más de un año Kaleese619 said…
That was my thought exactly D J267, that this kinslaying is not something Jamie would do. Killing the guard of course...I mean it's war, but not the glassy-eyed boy who worshiped him. This has lowered the sympathy quotient for him I fear.
Ahhh well... what can you do but roll with the punches. This leaves little room for him to be pissed when Tyrion finally does skewer their father on the potty. Lol A family that slays kin together stays together when you play the game of thrones i guess.
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hace más de un año D_J267 said…
This leaves little room for him to be pissed when Tyrion finally does skewer their father on the potty.

LOL, I loved the way you phrased that.

You're right about rolling with the punches where the shows concerned and usually I have no problem with that but this just really p****d me off.