Canción de hielo y fuego Who would tu kill off o bring back, if tu could? Tell me your reasons please.

Kaleese619 posted on Mar 25, 2012 at 06:13PM
If I could bring back anyone whole and as they were before death it would be Robb. He was such a good character and GRRM took him away far, far too early on. He should have let the Freys kill of Robb's wife somehow instead.
And for whom I would like to kill off...I'd draw and quarter that slut Cersei in a heartbeat.

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hace más de un año delamico said…
I'd kill off Littlefinger, the pervert bastard. And I'd bring back Khal Drogo because then Daenerys could bear a living child. Which would be rather impossible, so maybe I would simply bring back... ah, I know. I'd bring back Maester Aemon. Maybe the dumbasses on the Wall would listen to HIM.
hace más de un año Kaleese619 said…
Aemon would be a good choice. Hey you know that with all those Dornish coming east and them being of the sun sigil
When the Dorn Prince began his trek to win Danny he rose in the West. And when the dragon killed the prince the sun, or son being the prince, did essentially set (as it were) in the east, so that is a prophecy fulfilled. Danny can now have children. Reread the part in book five where she is lost after riding off on Dragon. After she eats the berries she awakens to find her thighs covered in blood then realizes she had not bled for two or three moons. I think the prophecy is fulfilled and the curse broken. I mean she is walking beside a sea that is drying up...part two of the prophecy...remember" Until the sea runs dry"... so yeah. What do you think?
Popcornfan commented…
I really liked this theory (although when I read about the blood I thought she was having an abortion). We only need mountains blowing in the wind like leaves and we're set! hace más de un año
Popcornfan commented…
Correcting myself after many months: I thought it was a miscarriage, not an abortion (very different things). And someone pointed out the destruction of the pyramids of Meereen as mountains falling.... hace más de un año
hace más de un año delamico said…
Wow, you ARE right. I was sure all that blood meant something and I was also sure the moment Mirri Maz Duur uttered the prophecy that it'd be fulfilled somehow. This Dorne thing is just fitting. I hope Dany will have children, the Targaryen dynasty must NOT end.
hace más de un año daenerys said…
I would bring back Robb. Even with the morsels of insight we got he was still one of the more interesting characters in the series. There was some awesome untapped potential there.

I would also bring back Joffrey and kill him in a more brutal way. Maybe slice of bits of his flesh until he bled to death. His death was lame.

I would kill that Stoneheart bitch, again.

I would want Theon tortured some more then put out of his misery.

Lastly, a swift death for Cersei at Jaime's hand.
Popcornfan commented…
totally, that the valonqar be jaime, not Tyrion. I also thought about that: it is dicho Cercei was born before jaime, so he is her little brother hace más de un año
hace más de un año Kaleese619 said…
I agree with my entire heart with you about Robb, daenerys. When they murdered Robb I literally cried..pissed me off big time. I think GRRM could have done better by that character. I mean you kill off a vibrant, strong, captivating,(not to mention Hot as Hell) central figure and leave who??? Stanis...??? Come ON NOW!!! I'd bring back my Robb and his wolf. Gray Wind was a bad ass. Robb living through the Red Wedding would have enhanced the storyline in my humble opinion by about a billion. Can you imagine his rage after...especially if Old Frey found out they had left his wife behind at Riverrun and sent men to kill her while everyone was away at the wedding. That scenario would have suited me better.

And yes...YEEESSS! By all means kill that Cat Stark Bitch again and again. She came back so very damaged. I mean she was no joy for me from the first but now you are some other-worldly being thing and you dont have the since God gave a turnip. You cannot tell that this girl that YOU sent on a mission to save your kids is telling the truth. So now you have her trussed up, chewed up, and about to hang her. Do they have a pill folks can take for ignorance??

And Joff... Kill him long and slow. Something more befitting the snot-nosed, maniacal, bastard that he is. The Mountain should have accidentally slashed him at one of those tourneys he was so fond of, from shoulder to groin. Then let him bleed out while he whined for his mommy. Either that or him being pulled from his horse and the rioting population tear him limb from limb like they did the High Septon. Maybe rape him half a hundred times then tear him to pieces.
hace más de un año Blackfish said…
Kill all of the Freys!
The Bastard Bolton needs to die.
I'm not sure if he's dead, and I'm hoping he comes back (I'm still reading a Dance with Dragons), but Benjen Stark. I'm wondering if he is Coldhands that saves Samwell & Gilly and is taking Bran to the Three eye crow?
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hace más de un año Kaleese619 said…
Im pretty sure Uncle Benjen is The Coldhands. Good call on the fuc#@ng Freys. Hate Them!
Conan-394 commented…
I agree but I dont think even he remembers his identity. hace más de un año
hace más de un año D_J267 said…
Yeah I think Benjen is Coldhands too.

Agree with Blackfish on the Freys

I really want Sansa to make Littlefinger fly.

Obviously Theon and Ramsay, in an extremely painful way.

I'd bring back Robb, I was always disappointed that he never got any POV chapters I would have much preferred seeing the story through his eyes than his b***h mothers.

I would also have loved to have seen more of The Red Viper, so I'd bring him back.
Conan-394 commented…
The Red víbora, viper died too violently to have survived... he served his purpose. Littlefinger may be strange but he's an ally to Sansa and House Stark. hace más de un año
hace más de un año Kaleese619 said…
I wish GRRM had allowed Robb more time as well, there was a lot his character could have brought to the table. I like your notion of "making Littlefinger fly" :-) Maybe Sweet Robin will when he learns that's who really killed his mother! Ha... that would be fitting.
Good call D J267on the Viper, he was a really interesting character, much more so than his daughters. I just couldn't see a warrior like him making a rookie mistake and getting himself killed as he did after fighting like a Super Hero.
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hace más de un año Conan-394 said…
Bring back Robb (have him survive like Lady Stoneheart) and Ygritte (have her be revived by a "child of the forest" because she was just plain that awesome)... they both died too soon. Have Joffery survive the poisoning. Enter a Rider. Dany sail across to Westeros and join Stannis (he possesses a Rider's Blade) to reenforce the Wall from the Others. The Red Witch needs to be brought to justice. Magic is not for killing people... it is to better oneself and the world around them.
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hace más de un año MuffinFan said…
I totally agree with you guys about Robb. But I also would bring back Drogo, he and Dany were SO loving and sweet together:) And Syrio Forel, a total MUST! This man was a badass & genius, let him kill some more dumbasses! I also think about Ned. Seriously, honest as he was he made this fuckin mistake to tell Cersei bitch about his plans. That was so stupid! But I guess if he was in Winterfell when Theon took it, he would stopped that retarded thing T. was doing. He could have been there fore his little boys or for Robb and Cat, give them advise and tell his boy to be brave and smart, to think about everything he's doing. May sound weird, but I just loved Jory. He was so brave and loyal, I miss him:( And I also agree with bringing Joff back and back and kill him violently and slow every damn time.
So at last: Seven hells to the yes for killing Walder fuckin Frey and Ramsay Snow, this bastard! Jaime should kill Cersei, yes, and then have a nice little Harakiri. Fuck yeah!
hace más de un año Popcornfan said…
I would bring back the Hound, he did NOT deserve to die like that.

And kill, ummm, there are so many. I think Ramsay, or Walder frey.
hace más de un año YouKnowNothing said…
Kill Ramsay. Kill Ramsay. Kill Ramsay.

I JUST NOW read the part where he made Reek/Theon to perform oral sex on Jeyne to "prepare" her, and ... it's just written in such a disturbing way that I freaked out a bit. Now my mom thinks I'm crazy. DIE RAMSAY, DIE.