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Were tu happy with the finale? I think it was a beautifully written end to the show. I think Kerry Ehrin & Carlton Cuse were so smart to refer back to the pilot and bring things full circle. It felt very satisfying and a little heartbreaking.
Excellent news for people completed 10th and looking job in government sector. Today Staff Selection Commission updated official recruitment portal i.e. with new vacancy.

A gift for Lord Dio
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Those Kickstarted underwear would’ve come in handy…..

Kimi no Na wa

Uncle Steve and the kids

French page about Jacqueline Bisset with bio and enlaces
While She Sleeps brought their música video for "Silence Speaks" to life over the weekend as they were...
From Blue Velvet to Wild, she is one of Hollywood’s most fascinating actresses.
Lila was insane. She had to be, to have the grand idea of sneaking up to the roof of some building. To be fair, he was just as crazy-he went with her, after all.
Lila loves a shy, cute guy. But she loves a super powered bad boy even more. [Lila/Nathanaël. Lila/Evillustrator.]
Showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green open up about the highly anticipated show's complicated road to the screen

French page about Michael Mann with bio and enlaces

Akagami no Shirayukihime
Dedicated to all Fairy Tail fans
Dedicated to all Fairy Tail fans
dedicated to all manga fans
dedicated to all manga fans
dedicated to all anime & manga fans
dedicated to all anime & manga fans
Last week it was announced that Austin Carlile would depart Of Mice & Men and the naranja County metalcore mob would continue their life as a four-piece
Of Mice & Men have surprise-dropped a new single, ‘Unbreakable’ – their first new música since the departure of frontman Austin Carlile late last año due to health issues. Watch the video below.
Everybody grows up; it’s a fact of life – one that Mallory Knox frontman Mikey Chapman is becoming all too aware of. Twenty-seven years old and releasing his third album ‘Wired’,
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American Gods premieres on Starz on April 30th.
Need to catch up? Check out the anterior The White Princess recap here.

A link someone shared on facebook I thought I'd post here. Some I agree with, some I don't, and others I'm surprised aren't on the list. How about you?

French page about Claire Danes with bio and enlaces
This lista is about the girl from the game, Yandere Simulator. Come here to contribute to it.

Akagami no Shirayukihime

Kole's Wiki Page from Teen Titans Wiki. It has all the information about her that tu need.
French page about Laura Linney with bio and enlaces
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Netflix’s spin-off will be the first ‘Defenders’ series to go sans Claire.
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A bearded Aidan also admitted during the panel that he had never watched his last episode because it was so emotional.

On juggling work and motherhood... I am permanently beating myself up about the amount of time spent away from Rose when I'm at work, but it's got to be done and I know I'm really lucky to do something that I love.

i got 7 out of 8 right! xD
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AGAIN, with the fucking Dark Phoenix. Are tu fucking kidding me? Excuse me while I destroy my room in a rage.
Just a misceláneo articulo that was shared on facebook and made me think a little bit más about something I already believed.
French page about Jaime King with bio and enlaces
The Arthurian Legends Text
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