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yasmine97 dicho de Damon & Elena
Q : does anyone here know a writer called Darlene quinn ?? she is following me on twitter & wants to and i quote : discuss escritura and publishing with me what should i do ????? & it's only cuz i puted a link to fan-fiction story of DE and even dicho that it wasn't me who wrote it publicado hace más de un año
Anna_JH comentó…
Remind her that tu have not written it and to find the name of the original writer on fanfic if she really wants to get in touch with them. However if she still directly wants tu and has seen proof of your escritura skills, do your research. Ask her what publishing company she is with, get some facts from her. tu never know if they may want to pass of your work as their own which is wrong. If everything seems okay and you're interested in writing/publishing then go for it! hace más de un año