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Best Netflix films?

1 answer | my answer: seguro Haven, The Last Song, 10 Things I Hate About Y...

What's your favorito! Tim aparejo, burton Movie?

9 answers | my answer: Beetlejuice, The Nightmare before Christmas, The Co...

Do tu have any favorito! directors?

9 answers | my answer: Tim aparejo, burton o John Hughes

What are your parte superior, arriba 5 Cop-themed movies?

1 answer | my answer: 21 Jump Street, Hot Fuzz, Miss Congenality

In the near future if filmmakers would make a movie from a video game, which game/games would tu like to see as a movie?

4 answers | my answer: Sims

Post a musical/musical-themed movie

12 answers | my answer: Most disney fims (the best are probably Aladdin, th...

What cine have u seen o do u know about that feature FEMALE bullies, tormentors, delinquents, punks, criminals, etc.?

2 answers | my answer: Legacy (aka as Pretty Little Devils) is a really go...

What are tu favorito! foreign films?

2 answers | my answer: Hua mulan is my fave :)
princesas de disney

What would the princesses and princes be like in high school?

4 answers | my answer: Read disney High por nina-d-lux!
Waterloo Road

Hello, Has anyone wrote to any of the Waterloo Road cast and got successfull replies/autographs recieved? If so, lista who actor was, and address tu sent?

3 answers | my answer: I wrote to Phillip Martin Brown, Lauren Drummond (t...