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Fave eleven songs on your iPod?

8 answers | my answer: 1 - I found a way (Drake bell) 2 - Decode (Paramor...

I know that I couldnt live without my iPod. But could you??

28 answers | my answer: lol i can live without my ipod sometimes but i can'...

is the ipod awsome

5 answers | my answer: mine is awesome and FANTASTIC it's a shuffle one bu...

What kind of ipod do tu have??

52 answers | my answer: i have a shuffle ipod it's purple but i think it's...

What song..

22 answers | my answer: mine is my happy ending por avril lavinge

witch youtube estrella do u think is better...fred o anoying orange...fred VS anoying naranja

10 answers | my answer: fred is betetr. Even my brothers laughs at his voic...
Serie Crepúsculo

Twilight members- Remember that pregunta that said: What club are tu starting to hate, because of the fans on it?

6 answers | my answer: Actually, I think they r. But, I don't hate the clu...
Serie Crepúsculo

Getting married this summer?FOR REAL?

2 answers | my answer: Don't think so.
Serie Crepúsculo

if anyone wanyts to registrarse my edward,alice and jasper club just do this

5 answers | my answer: Sure, I will.
Serie Crepúsculo

Please registrarse my friend's club!

8 answers | my answer: Gonna registrarse at the moment