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whats your favorito! parte superior, arriba 3 disney animated films???

67 answers | my answer: aladdín The Little Mermaid Peter Pan

When tu hear "DISNEY", which is the first that occurs to you?

64 answers | my answer: Winnie the Pooh o aladdín

What is your favourite character in Disney?

46 answers | my answer: Princess jazmín from aladdín Meeko from Pocahonta...

who is the most beautiful disney princess??

78 answers | my answer: princesa jasmín

What is your favorito! disney movie?

36 answers | my answer: aladdín

HELP! cant find a cute picture again!

2 answers | my answer: Here is the picture:link...

What movie are tu obsessed with?

32 answers | my answer: aladdín

wat is your fave disney show???

29 answers | my answer: I like Hannah Montana and Suite Life of Zack & Cody...

Whats your favorito! disney kitty and why please? and a picture with it please :]thanx have fun

14 answers | my answer: <i>I amor Rajha!</i>

A apoyo for imágenes if tu post your favorito! disney character! (Or one of them!)

27 answers | my answer: <i>Princess jazmín is my all time fav disney chara...