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teacupitty43 dicho …
hi pls registrarse my fanpage teacups publicado hace más de un año
big smile
mia444 apoyar por mí a my comments
hola what's up? I just added tu will tu add me back plz? I was just wondering if tu would registrarse my clubes please? The link's are
link Sisters Forever
I'd really appreciate it and if tu like them let me know and I'll give tu the rest ;-D I'm Mia btw it's nice to meet you!! publicado hace más de un año
sym10 dicho de Barney Stinson
yes he is cute but did tu know in real life he is gay?i stoped serching him after i found that out publicado hace más de un año
jessy438 comentó…
Haha, I wish he weren't gay. But I'm happy that he's happy :) hace más de un año
the book is better publicado hace más de un año
sym10 dicho de The 10th Kingdom
i amor the tenth kingdom i haz been watching it for 7 years......i amor it whaching it now at 12: at publicado hace más de un año
sym10 dicho de The Volturi
i think they are all hot! publicado hace más de un año
sym10 dicho de Jackson Rathbone
are jackson and ashely really a thing in real life? publicado hace más de un año
sym10 dicho de Jackson Rathbone
so hot!!!!!! publicado hace más de un año
sym10 dicho de Geico
somebody help him he has a flat tire! publicado hace más de un año
at least the bad guys in twilight are hot........voldermort is butt ugly publicado hace más de un año
Quaila comentó…
I'd argue that Tom Riddle Jr. was reasonably handsome. But in comparison, even the Volturi doesn't give off the STAY THE BLOODY HELL AWAY o DIE vibe that Emperor Palpatine o Voldemort gives. hace más de un año
zanhar1 comentó…
Though I agree that Voldy is butt ugly I don't think that thinking he's hot means a person is crazy. They just have a unique opinion. hace más de un año
111potatoes111 comentó…
Just because a bad guy is hot doesn't mean that he's not utterly lame like twilight bad guys hace más de un año