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link VOTE FOR DAMON & ELENA! We are loosing :/ publicado hace más de un año
mine17 comentó…
I wish i could vote again, but it seems that tu can only vote once :(. But those who still hasn't voted there's time and we're less than 1% behind. hace más de un año
Delena4eva comentó…
Just voted... :-D hace más de un año
SpuffyDelena comentó…
We were winning about an hora ago, but then in a matter of segundos (well, about a 2 minuto time period) we fell 3% behind, which is kinda funny considering the votos were so close all night and JUST when DE got the lead we dropped that insane amount in a matter of seconds. hace más de un año
DelenaTVD comentó…
We were winning? Wow, I hope we'll catch up again! hace más de un año
So bad... IFSPODPJIPDFHJÆDSIF publicado hace más de un año
Guys, tu should all prepare yourself for what Damon does.. :( STUPID WRITERS! publicado hace más de un año