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do tu write fanfiction?

8 answers | my answer: I amor escritura and lectura fanfiction ! It's really...
taylor swift

the best foto of taylor

24 answers | my answer: I've always loved this one
taylor swift

Contest ! <3 #4

27 answers | my answer: Mine...
taylor swift

Contest Time!!

25 answers | my answer: Mine
taylor swift

Special contest!!!

22 answers | my answer: From Back to December " Then the cold came, the dar...
taylor swift

Which song that taylor wrote is like coming from your heart? Is like really how tu feel?

5 answers | my answer: Mean... I live in a small town, and aspire to get o...
taylor swift

is taylor rápido, swift bisexual

13 answers | my answer: Considering that Taylor has dated many guys and no...
taylor swift

how many songs are on taylor swifts new album red

3 answers | my answer: The standard version of Red has 16 songs. The delux...
taylor swift

~~~ !!! Taylor rápido, swift !!! ~~~~ contest <13

27 answers | my answer: Mine
No Doubt

Can I still por Tragic Kingdom in stores??

2 answers | my answer: tu sure can. A few months ago, I bought it at Tar...