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In Season 5, what has become of Bernard and Rose?

8 answers | my answer: I think Rose and Bernard are the two people Jack an...

What do tu think about Sawyer and Jack's relationship? Could they ever be close friends?

12 answers | my answer: they can help each other leading but I don't think...

I heared that in season 5 one of the main charachters will die. who do tu think it will be? ( All I know is that it is not Kate)

16 answers | my answer: I'm not sure but I think it's Miles o Dan and hope...

lost and Religion

2 answers | my answer: I think it has got a strong religous things, but I...

What is the LOST's mostrar name in your language/country?

18 answers | my answer: in arabic it's called الضائعون o الضي...

When did they die?

4 answers | my answer: I totally agree with you! that's my theory too. Exc...

I'm escritura a story and I need a girls name? any ideas?

21 answers | my answer: Emily, Emma, Mary,Katheren, Juliet, Rose, Lucy, Ser...

I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

7 answers | my answer: I'd amor to read it :d Can I have a link plz ? :D

Do tu have anything that tu constantly put in your stories, if so what is it?

32 answers | my answer: I base the male physically on my fav actor!!! Not a...

Tell me what tu think PLEASE!

4 answers | my answer: Oh! That sounds very interestiing!! Can tu please...