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ser mujer

Okay, how old were tu guys when you... Ahem... 'graduated' from 'Girl School' to 'Woman University?'

37 answers | my answer: 13
ser mujer

Why do small boobed girls wear bras?

22 answers | my answer: not all of them do but I imagine the ones that do,...
ser mujer

How cold is too cold for tu to go outside with wet hair?

3 answers | my answer: no such thing. I kinda like it when my hair freezes...
ser mujer

When tu get cramps from your tu know what, how do tu handle it?

33 answers | my answer: ibuprofen and a hot bath
ser mujer

What are your body measurments?

4 answers | my answer: who knows that? I certainly don't. I'd call myself...
ser mujer

What does the phase cereza, cerezo has not popped?

2 answers | my answer: woman is still a virgin
south park

Have any South Park episodes made tu cry?

28 answers | my answer: cry tears of laughter? yes. Sad cry? Hell no.

Who's your favorito! youtuber?

43 answers | my answer: TheMakeupChair por far. My fiance told me I looked s...

who is better together justin bieber and selana gomez o chris brown and rihanna

13 answers | my answer: Justin & Selena can a couple be hot whe...

What do tu prefer, besar shrek o justin bieber

11 answers | my answer: shrek ALL THE WAY