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harry potter

Which boy would tu want to kiss más Zac Efron,Daniel Radcliffe, o Robert Pattinson?

41 answers | my answer: ZAC IS THE HOTTEST-SO HIM
harry potter

In the world of Harry Potter, who do tu think you're most similar to and most different from (simply liking someone doesn't make tu similar to them).

9 answers | my answer: It totally depends on the día and my mood for me.So...
harry potter

Which house do tu think you're most likely to be put in and why? Also, who would be your best wizarding friend?

21 answers | my answer: I get different results when I take it, the only on...
harry potter

What Hogwarts House do tu truly think tu would be in, not House tu want to be in.

165 answers | my answer: Hufflepuff because I have no special talents o tra...
harry potter

Do tu read HP fanfiction?

8 answers | my answer: I don't read ANY fanfiction.Not interested.
harry potter

When did tu cry the most when someone died in HP??

104 answers | my answer: i bawled when I was lectura the 6th book and Dumble...
harry potter

Post a picture of..

9 answers | my answer: me and my fiance :)
harry potter

If tu could ask J.K ONE question, what would it be?

9 answers | my answer: Do tu remember what your first thought/inspiration...
harry potter

Do tu think Grindelwald may have been gay aswell? (**MAY BE A SPOILER IF tu HAVEN'T READ DH**)

10 answers | my answer: I have no idea. I'd need más info from J.K. Maybe...
harry potter

Your parte superior, arriba 5 favourite characters?

230 answers | my answer: never thought about it b4. #1-Hermione-4 sure #2-...