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Forgot to mention did tu know Chad has opened a Twitter?Open one, it would be fun. publicado hace más de un año
lorastefens comentó…
Lucy here's linkChad's twitter ac. hace más de un año
lorastefens apoyar por mí a my comments
Dude, There was a serious war happened btw BL and LP in FP, not new for BL , LP fans, I know but it's nasty than we have faced in You-tube, and forgot to mention Anna is rocking my world now, tu are right, she is the man.You have joined FP for such a sort time and still tu are hating FP.Okay open a twitter, here's my account link , Missing you. publicado hace más de un año
I amor her, watching the "Devil wears Prada" again, She was so amazing in it. publicado hace más de un año