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la guerra de las galaxias

This one is part examen and part debate. Who is the single most important character in estrella Wars, without whom there would be no movies?

22 answers | my answer: I noticed MOST of the respuestas and they tend to corr...
dc comics

Is there an address that I can send fan mail to for Jim Lee? I know its probably not popular to send letters anymore, but I'm old fashioned.

1 answer | my answer: I don't see a Post Office box o e-mail address for...
Bruce Campbell

I amor the shirts that Bruce Campbell wears on Burn Notice. Where would I find the fuente of those shirts?

1 answer | my answer: Um...they're just regular "Hawaiian" shirts...mens...
Danny Phantom

do tu like the animación of Danny Phantom?

5 answers | my answer: Butch Hartman, the creator and artist for Danny Pha...
Los Jóvenes Titanes

Do any of tu know what Robins secret box held?

19 answers | my answer: Schrodinger's cat!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

does leo have 2 katana o 2 ninjato???

4 answers | my answer: It's written por peter laird that Leo wields dual Ka...
Avatar - La Leyenda de Aang

I noticed that the fan base and fan activities for avatar the legend of Aang is still very strong despite the fact that the series ended in 2008. Is nicktoons thinking of a book 4 Air?

1 answer | my answer: The only other series Nickelodeon has agreed to is...
Avatar - La Leyenda de Aang

Though Aang had mastered all 4 elements at the end of the series, in my opinion, he is still not a better waterbender than Katara, a better fuego than Zuko and a better earth than Toph. What do u people think?

3 answers | my answer: Aang por himself was able to manipulate all four ele...
Avatar - La Leyenda de Aang

was there any parts in this mostrar that have made u cry? if so, which parts?

9 answers | my answer: There were a few; the big one was Iroh's tale in "T...
Avatar - La Leyenda de Aang

Aang being an air nomad was brought up in a temple without a family structure. Katara grew up in a water tribe where family is v impt. Wonder how r their children brought up.

2 answers | my answer: The Air Nomads DID have a family structure, but not...