Katie Yanoff

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  • 24 years old
  • Mayslanding, United States of America
  • Favorite TV Show: almas perdidas
    Favorite Movie: The Never Ending Story
    Favorite Book or Author: Tuesdays With Morrie
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oreo4you dicho de disney channel
I have never watched disney channel and never will. I always found their shows to be immature and stupid. They hired the worst actors ever for some of those shows. What a waste of money. publicado hace más de un año
thetankmoment comentó…
Then why are tu here? hace más de un año
mhs1025 comentó…
If you're gonna say that, stay off the club. hace más de un año
LexiBailey9 comentó…
If tu are gonna say rude things why are tu here tu shouldn't be saying that to be mean they have the most amazing actors ever hace más de un año
oreo4you dicho de justin bieber
I absolutely HATE justin bieber he sounds like a little girl and his songs are like a 5 año old wrote them. His música makes my ears bleed. I change the radio station whenever i hear his voice come on. Not to mention he looks like a total fag. publicado hace más de un año
lilswagger1233 comentó…
girll tu tu just fuckin hatin hace más de un año
victoria7011 comentó…
Are tu serious? -_- Your a knob for using fag..Seriously, are tu like 8 o something? That word is overused so much..If tu hate him so much then why tu on a fansite? Hmm do me a favour and do something useful, go on and hate on a hate site, not a fan site. Also, sounds like a "little girl", 2009 called and they want there joke back. People like tu shouldnt even have a fanpop account!If tu can change the station, im sure tu can stay off a fanpage..So go spend your time talking to friends o something.. hace más de un año
shicas comentó…
I amor Justin Bieber he makes my día when im sad he makes me happy just por listening to his música looking on his pictures and lectura about him hace más de un año
IssyCB comentó…
OMG !!! hace más de un año
WORST BAND EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!! I'd rather listen to justin bieber on repeat even though i cant stand justin bieber publicado hace más de un año
mynameissonic comentó…
then get the fuck off their fan page hace más de un año
KaterinaLover comentó…
Fuck Off then! tu dont need to come here and say this to 2027 BMTH fans! If we all find you, tu know what will happen? Think about that hace más de un año
angelbell619 comentó…
tu don't need to come here to share, Just leave hace más de un año