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hola guys if tu like my perfil icono checkout my new club: Ariel,Cinderella,Sophia & Nala's Fave Picks i'm going to subir it in here today sometime go to my perfil muro for a short cut also invite any of your fans/friends as i say the más the merrier publicado hace más de un año
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congratulations tu won in the outfit color change game round 1 here's a apoyo for you! publicado hace más de un año
onceuponaweenie comentó…
Yay!! Thanks <3 hace más de un año
Just a heads up-Diluka96 says his account has been deleted again! fanpop deletes every account he tries to make. Sad story. Hopefully he can sort it out~ publicado hace más de un año
Purpledolphin comentó…
Well I hope he sorts it all out too.Why does fanpop keep deletieng his accounts? hace más de un año
onceuponaweenie comentó…
I have no idea maybe he's got a hacker on his hands. Who knows. hace más de un año
Mongoose09 comentó…
that sucks hace más de un año
iHyrule comentó…
Omg maybe that's what happened to blablablu95 i miss her so much! </3 hace más de un año