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number-one-girl dicho de Domo
i hav a domo hat and bookbag and i rock it at school and rayo, ray rayo, ray signed it when i had back stage tickets to the concierto and princeton rote a peace sign on my hand and rayo, ray put X O smiley face and prod put a corazón and roc put a estrella and they all put mb on my arm i was so happy then they kissed my cheek and they took a pics wit me they hugged me and gave me another kiss publicado hace más de un año
freshadinamutha comentó…
hola girl what u doin hace más de un año
princetonwife52 comentó…
what is a domo hace más de un año
unknownguy222 comentó…
I have 2 shirts and a hat does that count???? hace más de un año
number-one-girl dicho de Bow Wow
hola BOW WOW publicado hace más de un año
number-one-girl dicho de Stars
st ars r so pretty 2 look at wen i see a estrella i make a wish and sometimes they come true i was so surprised my wish was going 2 the mindless behavior concierto and i did last año this año i wish 2 go to the diggy simmons concierto and i did it so cool tonight im goin 2 wish something else lol publicado hace más de un año
Mrs_Styles22 comentó…
sure.................... hace más de un año