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  • Blame the whiskey on the cerveza Blame the cerveza on the whiskey Blame the mornin' on the night For whose lyin' here with me Blame the bar for the band Blame the band for the song Blame the song for the party that went all night long
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amybaby2 dicho …
Thank tu it would be cool to talk with someone like tu publicado hace 17 días
noRAP comentó…
hehe, someone like me? I am an ordinary person and have no special traits but thanks anyway hace 16 días
GALAXYMAX43 dicho …
tu very look like an American actor but i dont know his name, when i see tu i remember that movie. publicado hace 22 días
noRAP comentó…
hehehe, ummm Paul Newman? he has blue eyes and many people says I look quite similar to him. Thanks for your complement *hugs tu tight* hace 21 días
noRAP dicho …
I thgim eid

lohocla si gnillik em ;( publicado hace 22 días