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Post your best anime guy! *****CONTEST!*****

72 answers | my answer: Usui Takumi.... well this is a rare chance to see h...

most evil eyes

18 answers | my answer: Misaki Ayuzawaaaaaaaa !!! My favourite !!!

post a heartwarming anime picture(15 props)ENDS AUGUST 5

42 answers | my answer: Misaki and tukumi

Wanna registrarse a anime rp?

11 answers | my answer: Misaki !!!!!!!!!!! plz me misaki from maid sama !!!...

Post a pic of a character that appears completely out of character! apoyar

23 answers | my answer: She's getting scolded por someone IMPOSSIBLE !!!!!!...

anime character with blue eyes

53 answers | my answer: Him from maid sama and Aoi in girl form :D

[CONTEST] Post a picture as an anime guy as a girl (or vice versa)!

40 answers | my answer: Misaki from maid sama and hayate in hayate the comb...

Does anyone know dis?

15 answers | my answer: I think .... is it this ? Gurren laggan

What's your favorito! anime Show??

125 answers | my answer: Maid Sama !!!!!!!!!!!

anime character with white hair

30 answers | my answer: Why hasn't anybody put in shawn !!!!!! I can't beli...