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harry potter

My friends think Harry Potter is REALLY lame. But I am totally ADDICTED!!! What should I do????:(

44 answers | my answer: Mmkay, here's whatcha do: Late at night, break into...
harry potter

i need help

3 answers | my answer: Try Pirate's Bay. It's good if tu have the right s...
harry potter

If tu could kiss anyone from Harry Potter how would that be

29 answers | my answer: I would kiss fred anytime ;) Sirius o James o Se...
harry potter

from where did u guys get hp books? comprar o library?

5 answers | my answer: I bought the first four in stores, the siguiente three I...
harry potter

How did tu like the deathly hallows part 1?

23 answers | my answer: I thought that it was the best movie por far. I was...
harry potter

What is Hermione's Middle name? Is it "Jane" o "Jean"?

28 answers | my answer: It was Jane and now it's Jean. She changed it becau...
harry potter

so a super long time hace i herd this rumor

7 answers | my answer: Someone was probably just trying to mess with you....
harry potter

tell me which harry is better????

6 answers | my answer: Personally, I prefered the younger Harry. The older...
south park

Hi People Whats Stan's Hat Called

4 answers | my answer: I always thought it was a toque.
south park

'Coon 2: Hindsight' - What did tu think? :)

11 answers | my answer: It's all on wikipedia: * The Coon: Eric carro...