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mbalzar dicho de Albus and Minerva
I was so shocked when i found out that Albus was gay. Not that i have a problem with gays, but i had always imagined them together ,too. I makes me feel bad for Minerva becaus i guess thats shes all alone! publicado hace más de un año
HuddyJoy0524 comentó…
i still refuse to believe that dumbledore was actually completely ruins the fantasía ive created about the 2 of them! they will always be together in my heart! <3 hace más de un año
xForeverMMADx comentó…
i refuse to believe! Albus and Minerva hav too much chemistry, hace más de un año
Perfidia comentó…
shocked me too hace más de un año
HecateA apoyar por mí a my articles
Your articulo on Minerva in the HP club is great! publicado hace más de un año