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why do u hate sakura?

10 answers | my answer: i hate her cuz i hate naruto

what is your parte superior, arriba 5 favorito! anime??

53 answers | my answer: neon genesis evangelion Clannad Ouran High school...

someone has killed your fav anime boy what would u do to him

16 answers | my answer: i would cry and beat the man who did it hopelessly...

anime Character With a Hat

37 answers | my answer: Denmark!!!!

Post a pic of a character with sweets ! (Chocolate, cheesecake ect)

38 answers | my answer: kagura from ga rei zero eating pocky :)

An anime person with GREEN eyes

50 answers | my answer: my husband England :)

Who are your parte superior, arriba 5 favorito! Black Butler characters?

36 answers | my answer: 1. Grell 2. Undertaker 3. Ciel 4. Ronald 5. Seb...

anime character with dark skin ?

20 answers | my answer: Canaan? from canaan :D

Who Is Your Current anime Crush?

65 answers | my answer: it was hard to choose between england and keima but...

Post a pic of an anime character eating! :D

61 answers | my answer: iggy <//<