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It seems Delena will take a break. After that fight and Damon-Rebekah, they'll definitely spend some time apart :/ publicado hace más de un año
20cosmogirl comentó…
agree hace más de un año
bdavis98 dicho …
but see littlerhyme even "good" stefan didn't gave up elena if it meant her and her loved ones being seguro in 2x05 jenna was stabbed "hereself" because katherine made her because katherine told steafn to break things off with elena but he didn't and jenna got hurt,unlike damon who let her go in 2x08 and now trying to stay way for elena's own saftey and happiness publicado hace más de un año
littlerhyme comentó…
Yeah, tu have a point =) hace más de un año
What about the new killer in Mystic Falls? My guess was that it would be the first doppleganger, Tatiya, but now, knowing that the originals drunk her blood to turn into vampires... Now I have no idea of who it might be publicado hace más de un año
Spikefan74 comentó…
Tatiya could be alive still, they dicho they drank her blood, but it didn't say they killed her o not. Stefan is also a suspect since his switch is fried, he might be having blackouts. Another theory is someone is compelling the person. Klaus maybe but that seems doubtful. hace más de un año
Spikefan74 comentó…
Also, don't forget Katherine. hace más de un año
IvanaDyP comentó…
Well Damon, Stefan, Klaus & Elijah, have a pretty good proof that they didn't do that, because when Alaric was attacked, they were all together, having a dinner. hace más de un año
littlerhyme comentó…
So we're back to Tatyia o Katherine. I mean, does the dopplegangers have the same fingerprints? If so, Tatyia being the killer would explain how Elena's figerprint was found on the stake. hace más de un año