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  • Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who, estrella Trek
    Favorite Movie: Fellowship of the Ring
    Favorite Musician: Hans Zimmer
    Favorite Book or Author: PJO, Harry Potter, LOTR, Red Pyramid, lost Hero, Eragon, 39 clues, Magyk, The Secret Series, Hunger Games, To Kill A Mockingbird, (there are more)
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legolasgirl21 dicho de India
Anyone from Karnataka? :D publicado hace más de un año
amzel apoyar por mí a my images
legolas just luv him publicado hace más de un año
legolasgirl21 comentó…
Hannon le :) hace más de un año
Symbelmine dicho …
it's awesome tu amor the libros and details in them. That's why libros are always better than movies. They give us más details and informations. They also tell más about character's feelings and thoughts.
It's really hard to find a girl who amor Legolas and the libros also. Most of Legolas fangirls I have met on youtube are only interested in shipping him with female characters and they don't read libros but drool over Legolas and Orlando just because of their look.
See tu are different publicado hace más de un año
legolasgirl21 comentó…
Thank tu very much! Yes, a lot of girls drool over Legolas and Orlando without lectura the books. It's really sad. Although the cine are great, I adore the books. They are much better and give us so much más information. You're right. It is very hard to find a girl who loves Legolas but has read the books. I wish there were más of them. Every time I try to tell a fangirl to read the books, she says "Yuck. Who wants to read them?" *sigh* Sorry, but Legolas is much, much better in the books, because that's his character. Tolkien created a perfect character. I'm glad you're one of the few who see it too! hace más de un año
Symbelmine comentó…
I don't like it too. Lets hope she won't ruin the movie. If she is going to have bigger role than Legolas and Thranduil I will be really pissed. hace más de un año
legolasgirl21 comentó…
Yes...let's hope she doesn't ruin it. I agree with you. I will be very pissed if she has a bigger role than Legolas and Thranduil. That will make me very mad. hace más de un año