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kpizzle dicho de disney clásico
ok im definitley a disney fan but a friend send me this video about how literally so many of the scenes in classic cine are exact copies of each other. like when the animators made a new scene they basically just used what they had already drawn.

do tu think this is ok?? / are they being lazy?
just copy and paste the link i guess idk how else to share it.

publicado hace más de un año
alexon31 comentó…
Yeah I´ve seen it before. I´m actually ok with it, I mean it´s not great, but animated cine take a lot time to be completed and sometime animators and producers face deadlines so it´s fien with me I guess, I mean I can live with it... hace más de un año
fillassunshine comentó…
'i've noticed this on a youtube video before, pretty werid.i guess it's okay, they want to save money hace más de un año
faya27 comentó…
I noticed it too but it didn't bother me. Besides, I think they did it because they were trying to save money. Don't forget, computer animación didn't come around until the later 1980s hace más de un año
sophiebridgers comentó…
well as long is theres a good movie oh cares hace más de un año
kpizzle dicho de misceláneo
oh also on another note this is really funny. idk who made it my friend sent it to me it's a vid clip just use the link

link publicado hace más de un año
kpizzle comentó…
it's like mean girls dubbing btw. i wish i could do stuff like this. hace más de un año
kpizzle dicho de misceláneo
what's something fun i can do in the rain? publicado hace más de un año
Shadowmarioking comentó…
Dance. hace más de un año
Ale1152 comentó…
Run around in the rain. hace más de un año
victoria7011 comentó…
DO a rain dance hace más de un año