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katpee dicho de Damon & Elena
Hey, guys!! Whoever has a FanForum account and más than 50 posts, please go to this link and vote Damon and Elena for Best Dramatic Couple! We're losing bad and they don't deserve it :(


Thank you!! publicado hace más de un año
loveofdelena comentó…
huh??? where losing!!! how is that even possible since delena, is clearly the most dramatic couple, infact, they are all about the drama. no matter, we don't need a encuesta to mostrar us that, we can see it, every time we watch the show!! hace más de un año
katpee dicho de Damon & Elena
iansomerhalder ian somerhalder
On set-3 different important scenes to shoot today/tonight. 1 with Elena,1 w/Stefan,1 w/ Klaus. Damon gets around...

I hope the night scene is with Elena xD
publicado hace más de un año
bussykussi comentó…
me too :) dam waiting killing me hace más de un año
STEFIdi comentó…
omg!the waiting is sucks! hace más de un año
delenaloverx7 comentó…
haha me too. (: OMG what is Damon doing with Klaus ? o.o hace más de un año
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traceypharm apoyar por mí a my images
Hi!! publicado hace más de un año