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kateollie dicho de Damon & Elena
who knows which song of Florence and the machine will be playing in 319 de scene? Someone dicho it is No light, no light publicado hace más de un año
Nianlusafan comentó…
yeah, i read that on twitter - link hace más de un año
kateollie dicho de Damon & Elena
Julie Plec dicho that there is no Delena rain scene
"no truth to rain" publicado hace más de un año
DELENA5112 comentó…
But not about that there`s no epic scene!! Even without the rain there`s still a epic scene!! hace más de un año
kateollie dicho de Damon & Elena
im constantly losing all hope for Delena. I feel like writers are fooling us, they give moments of Delena just to keep their fans pleased, cause they know if there is no Delena, ratings will dramatically go down, but all writers want is this damn Stelena, i am so fed up with this, they can not do it again, but i have feeling they will. Why Kevin and Julie, WHY? publicado hace más de un año
twinflames comentó…
The only reason we feel so is coz we have veen getting a lot of fantastic delena scenes since the beginning of season 3, and we've grown accustomed to it! So, we're panicking now when thr road is starting to have some bumps in it. The writers will never do something so awful to the fans por just stringing them along. They know their job, and they're doing great. Have a little faith in DE & writers, and be patient. Delena is all about slow burn ;) hace más de un año
Teamdamon33 comentó…
Calm down. We just have to be patient and wait like we've done for 3 seasons. I keep telling myself that this is a amor triángulo, triángulo de and Delena HAS to happen one day!! They are finally getting there and I guess we'll have lots of things happening in the future between them. Don't give up now! Stefan may be trying to get back with Elena now, but I am sure the writers will give Damon a chance. hace más de un año
20cosmogirl comentó…
i'm not. still have hope hace más de un año