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harry potter

Is this true?

3 answers | my answer: rumor
harry potter

What H.P. character's childhood do tu want to know más about?

34 answers | my answer: Snape
los simpson

why do people amor the simpsons?

10 answers | my answer: because they are funny...... and thats pretty much...
padre de familia

who is the lamest person on family guy??

46 answers | my answer: the most obvious answer is Meg,she is so boring

What would tu do if u get a whole room of yr fav chocolates?

20 answers | my answer: i would not get out of my room ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how do tu know when your in love??

4 answers | my answer: when tu cant stop thinking about the person and wa...
taylor swift

Post a pic from her música video "TIM MACGRAW" and get apoyar

7 answers | my answer: hope u like it
taylor swift

Post the most beautiful pic of Taylor Swift!!! WINNER GETS apoyar :)

20 answers | my answer: hope tu like it
taylor swift

Please post a pic of Taylor with a car <13

9 answers | my answer: mine:)
taylor swift

do i look like taylor?

14 answers | my answer: maybe when taylor was little she probably looked li...