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to me; I couldn't take it, maybe because I'm used to the DC comics that's why I think it's bad.
Nawwh, I don't think he should hv taken the superman role, it's just so not his vibe, he doesn't even look in his element! I haven't watch Teen lobo but I think he should stay in Teen Wolf, though I heard Teen lobo is okay. publicado hace 1 hora
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I call dibs on supernatural for TV series, but it doesn't end! lol how many seasons are they?!
Ughh, I remember I was on a fecha with a girl and she wanted to watch a movie, she dicho Kung Fu Panda o batman vs Superman, I dicho batman vs superman because I amor DC, but oh my gosh, I want a refund!
Ben Affleck is cool but batman is sooo not for him, Christian Bale did a better job.
Yeah, I get annoyed too the way he acted was like 'hey Im Batman, I'm enfriador, refrigerador and richer than you' publicado hace 1 hora
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Nope. No discounts, $99.99 o $100, my book is inspirational for the un-talenteds! Save up and book one o get out! xD
Imagine a classroom filled with different character cosplay xD even the teacher must play dress up!
Predator is the alien from the movie Alien vs Predator, they are smart and dangerous but will not kill humans if tu are not a threat to them. So I think I'm seguro with them!
Honestly I don't remember anytime when apoyar was that important xD publicado hace 1 hora
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.. because back then me and my friends talk to each other with apoyar like how we are talking now. so to me apoyar are like messages :D hace 1 hora