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Hey!! It's been a while (a LONG while) since I've been on here! Do tu remember me? tu probably don't, haha!
How are you? <3
I miss you!
ox publicado hace más de un año
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Merry navidad :) publicado hace más de un año
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Yeah, again sorry for my very late reply. Was busy with school and some personal stuff :$!

It's good to hear from tu too :)!
Yeah better late than never.
Awesome :), I'm doing great.
And how are tu doing now?

Thanks, amor your icon(s) too! <3 publicado hace más de un año
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So sorry for the late reply! But yeah, that's true. What did tu think of glee last week? How cute was Brittana? :D And did tu see this week's AHS? I feel so bad for Lana :( publicado hace más de un año
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Wow, isn't Finn suppose to be Glee's biggest hero? That just...makes me so sad. I'm not even going to get mad, I'm just so done with Glee.
Moving on to better shows now. Meredith and Cristina's friendship is one of the best things on the show! The episode was really good and I'm so happy Cristina is back in Seattle. :) AH! tu just reminded me that Katherine will be back in the new episode! YES! I amor her and I've missed her and I can't wait to see her back! So excited! xD publicado hace más de un año
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Do tu think Jeremy would actually become a hunter? I hope not. =/ hace más de un año
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I actually haven't been able to watch The X Factor either, but I always go online and watch a few of the performances. The Voice is the one I really keep up with! I liked Grey's this week, it was pretty good. I liked TVD as well. The one thing I can remember that I didn't like about TVD was that Jeremy now has the tattoo, I don't know, I just don't like that. :P Oh, and that it seems like Stefan doesn't amor Elena as much as when she was human. Even as a Delena shipper, I don't believe it! publicado hace más de un año
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What did tu think? I have to ask tu something about Glee, it's just been really bothering me. I try avoiding everything glee now, but people were just so angry about it that it was kinda everywhere. And I'm hoping really, that it's just people on the internet exaggerating everything....Did Finn really call Sue's baby retarded? Please tell me he didn't actually say those words right? People were just overreacting? hace más de un año
ninibambini dicho …
Yeah the episode was pretty boring :/ I liked seeing Mike and Mercedes back too, but other than that, there was nothing that really interested me. Maybe I'm wrong because I wasn't even really paying attention when I watched it haha, but Ryder's character seems very similar to Sam's when he joined glee Club in season two. Naya's back siguiente week so I'm Kinda excited for that! Hehe aren't Heather and Chord so cute? I died when I saw all the pictures he posted. I re-watched some episodes of AHS publicado hace más de un año
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Asylum and understood it better. At first I thought Kit was still Tate and was very confused :P But yeah, it's getting really good. Such a cool show! hace más de un año
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no problem publicado hace más de un año
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I wanna know who A is too! But at the same time I don't because once we do, I guess the mostrar would b over? And I don't want that :P Haha, I feel the same way. I forgot all about it coming back until yesterday I think? And I was told that tonight isn't the Glease episode so no Brittana :( I'm all caught up with American Horror Story. It seriously is so, so good. I miss the haunted house though. I'll probably get used to the new characters and everything soon though! I didn't see all of last publicado hace más de un año
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night's episode yet but I'll finish it sometime today :) hace más de un año
Edwardism9 dicho …
Absolutely no worries. That's life for you! :) Hmm, I have a feeling tu know exactly who that person may be haha. tu have multiple characters that tu hate that much? I have no idea why I find that so funny. Haha, I have one! Maybe two, but I always eventually end up liking/loving someone I used to hate. I'm going to be honest....I thought glee came back last week! Hahaha. I've been really into The Voice and The X Factor this year. I guess tu have a decision to make! glee o Grey's? :P publicado hace más de un año