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I amor stefan and katherine, I wish katherine doesnt die and stefan and elena no I dont want them back, stefan deserves a lot of better than katherine´s segundo lame version aka Elena, damon I amor him publicado hace más de un año
thisthat12 comentó…
Wait a minute. tu amor Stefan and Katherine even though she's the one who ruined his life, but tu think he deserves better than Elena? hace más de un año
jereimy29 comentó…
Well, it seems to me as Katherine's fan that she do what she had to do to be alive, she doesnt mean that stefan dies it was damon stupidty who made that they were killed that night, but katherine doesnt become stefan in a ripper o something like that, she doesnt compelled to him to amor her and at least she was totally honest when she had the two brothers, she doesnt play like elena , elena is in some ways like kathrine only katherine is not hypocrit like elena , elena plays like she was a good girl when she becme the equal whore as a katherine at some point hace más de un año
maori_gurl comentó…
I dont think either of them shoukd be together. But hey, we all have a different opinion hace más de un año
well the premiere I liked... Silas was awesome and he doesnt need to hide who he really is... poor stefan ... Delena ewww too much like I always though sex, sex and sex... although it was nice to watch damon so happy but elena is like a bitch, who doesnt care about nothing... I want stefan out but only for him to find a real sweet girl :) , caroline deserve that for choosing tyler over klaus.. I want to know what happen with katerina :) publicado hace más de un año
jereimy29 comentó…
I wish for a moment that katerina was who feel stefan and not elena mmmmmm hace más de un año
jereimy29 dicho de arthur y gwen
hola girls, here in portrait magazine, arthur and gwen are nominated, let mostrar some amor and mostrar that arwen fans are awesome :) we know we can not win but we can let them in a good position :) link publicado hace más de un año