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  • 18 years old
  • SF Bay, California, ___________________________________________It's exhausting being this gay all the time, but I've got a reputation to uphold.
  • Favorite TV Show: Idk probably an anime
    Favorite Movie: Charlie Bartlett, Maleficent
    Favorite Musician: Bangtan Sonyeondan
    Favorite Book or Author: Oliver Schminkey, Neil Hilborn
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izbia150 dicho …
lol apparently I still have correo electrónico notifications for this site set up. publicado hace 2 meses
izbia150 comentó…
They're being flooded por someone accusing me of attention seeking for telling them not to use slurs omfg. I might actually turn them off. hace 2 meses
misceláneo prop! You're one of my favorito! fans! publicado hace más de un año
Okay. So, not to 'dig up a corpse' o anything, but I've been thinking about this RP way too much, and I kept remembering an idea Clutch suggested for how it should end up, so I thought the best thing to do was to finally give this RP an ending, for closure and all that. So I wrote one up, and publicado it. I understand if tu don't want to read it, especially because I don't know exactly how tu guys feel, but I think escritura it did help me feel a lot better about how things went.
See ya! publicado hace más de un año
spadeharrson comentó…
it's me... nidoqueen.... I do have an idea..... I need help convincing clutch.... but it's been..... how many years sense it died? and not a día goes por that I don't think about it.... I was thinking... why don't we ether revive it.... o make kinda like a sequel to it where A.K III is older and blames himself for what happened to his dad and grandpa i'll gladly let clutch play as A.K III and Zack.... it'd almost be like jemuzu and A.M never died estrella and Brock was killed por the antai pokeroyal and Brock jr and jen would be back in the pokemon world so the only OCs I'd be using would be Matthew, fay, and two new OCs I made pala, espada and shade full blooded MK OCs...... I even have an idea for a story arch so please I miss tu all including clutch and his randomness and goofiness and as tu see my spelling is a lil better still stinks but still better I'm begging tu v.v hace 1 mes
izbia150 comentó…
Dude, you're exactly the reason I was wary of posting. The entire post I made was about giving closure to the RP, meaning a final ending. None of us are interested in a sequel. And tu know what's hilarious? tu don't even pretend to care about all the members. tu just want Clutch and his characters back. But it's just as well, really, because it wouldn't make us like tu anymore if tu bothered. tu fucked up. Accept that. It's like you're actively fighting against moving on. How goddamn old are you? I role played with tu when I was 11 o 12, and considering I remember tu being a looot older than me, and I'm now 18, this shits just pathetic. Reminisce about the RP of tu need to, because it is worth reminiscing about, but mover the hell on. hace 1 mes