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taylor swift

Post a pic of Taylor looking like a princess!!!

28 answers | my answer: taylor is always pretty! but i like this picture......
Serie Crepúsculo

Summit has found an actress for Renesmee Cullen;

16 answers | my answer: I dont really think she would be the best choice fo...
Serie Crepúsculo

Emmett and Jasper killed James, not Edward, so what the heck did Victoria want with Bella?

22 answers | my answer: She thought that Edward did it. and also cuz Bella...
vanessa hudgens

who better Vanessa o Ashley Teasdale

10 answers | my answer: Baby V all the way!!!!


24 answers | my answer: Oh im srry...i wuz jus so, read this...

What should my perfil pic be???

3 answers | my answer: depends how u want people to see u!! i lu...

I bet no one can answer this right!

18 answers | my answer: that information is for me to know, and nobody to f...

What is a weird habbit tu have?

6 answers | my answer: uumm...i have A LOT of wierd wierdest 1...

Its my birthday today!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!

16 answers | my answer: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! i made u sumtin but...

answer this pregunta plez, n ill give u 3probs

19 answers | my answer: dirty blondish-golden brownish, like this: