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Did anyone cry when Boone died?

14 answers | my answer: omg sooooo much!!!! i was bawling till the end.......
harry potter

Your parte superior, arriba 5 favourite characters?

230 answers | my answer: 1. Sirius Black - He was such a great character, po...
harry potter

why???!!! why????!!!!

16 answers | my answer: Read it in about 7-8 hrs at a stretch
harry potter

whose death affected u the most?

40 answers | my answer: I cried a lot when Sirius died... like everyone has...
harry potter

If tu were sent on a secret magical mission what seven characters would tu pick?

29 answers | my answer: I would choose: Remus/Sirius - Being Marauders a...
harry potter

Who would be: Your best friend (girl), Your best friend (boy), Your brother, Your sister, Just a friend(boy), Just a friend (girl), Your mom, Your dad, tu girlfriend/boyfriend?

93 answers | my answer: Best Friend (Girl): tonks Best Friend (Boy): Forge...
harry potter

if u could only bring back 5 characters back to life,who would pick??

47 answers | my answer: 1. Sirius Black 2. Lily Potter 3. fred Weasley 4...
harry potter

Post a pic of your absolutely favorito! character!

13 answers | my answer: Sirius Black, always!! ♥
harry potter

If tu could meet just one character from Harry Potter, who would tu meet? Why?

42 answers | my answer: Hmm... I would say Sirius because first off, he nee...
harry potter

What is your nombre de usuario on Pottermore?

8 answers | my answer: My old account WildKnight12 isn't accessible anymor...