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american idol


9 answers | my answer: I TOTALLY AGREE! ALEX NEEDS TO BE BACK!
american idol

who loves katie stevens?

4 answers | my answer: I DO BUT I KINDA REALLY WANT TIM o AARON TO WIN. O...
american idol

Do tu think Tim Urban should be eliminated?

33 answers | my answer: NO!NO!NO! HE IS VERY TALENTED! SURE WE ALL SCREW UP...
american idol

What 2 people do tu want to see go inicial this thursday?

3 answers | my answer: naima and haley o jacob.
los beatles

Have tu ever noticed how "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" has the drug "LSD" in it.

12 answers | my answer: YEAH...IT IS ABOUT LSD. NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY IT...
los beatles

Do tu have any Beatles stuff?

12 answers | my answer: 3 books. the white album (and original poster), sgt...
los beatles

Have tu ever done a project/report on The Beatles?

9 answers | my answer: nope but ive done a project on the band queen befor...
los beatles

What if...

12 answers | my answer: no. unless george had stopped smoking, he still wou...

Could tu pray for me?

13 answers | my answer: i will pray for tu and your family. everything wil...

How many of tu are with Gay/Bi/Lesbion rights?

14 answers | my answer: this is how i feel about it. . .adam and eve not ad...