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firerose4457 dicho de el hobbit
i just taught myself how to play "far over... the misty mountains cold.." themesong on my gutair! lol i am so proud and obsessed:) publicado hace más de un año
RowanKat comentó…
fans should unite and create a huge cover of it X))) hace más de un año
The10thDoctorDT comentó…
This song is so great, and the way all the dwarves sing it at the same time, very emotionnal!!! hace más de un año
OMG I amor THIS SHOW! i have never actually seen "sex and the city" but i really like this show:) it has a really interesting story line that is very cute and relatable;) i think i like carrie the best. Who is your favourite character? publicado hace más de un año
i am trying to learn japanese.... can anyone lista some `greetings`` phrases? publicado hace más de un año
ravissa comentó…
Konichiwa, Ohaya Gozaimasu, Hajimemashite....sorry, I don't know much eiter, that's all I know,lol hace más de un año
Calla12345 comentó…
sure こんにちは - Kon'nichiwa = Hello 会えてうれしい - Aete ureshī = Pleased to meet tu ハイ - Hai = Hi hace más de un año