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wat was the first disney movie?

9 answers | my answer: yes, Snow White is first full-length disney movie b...

What disney character do I look like??

10 answers | my answer: Your face brings my mind Nani from Lilo and Stitch...

Was Eddy Murphy in mulan as the small dragon?

1 answer | my answer: Eddie Murphy was Mushu's voice in the first movie i...

What parts on mulan made you...

11 answers | my answer: I'm happy when Mulan's Father dicho she was the grea...

How many times have tu watched Mulan?

15 answers | my answer: I guess over hundred times. I saw it first time fou...

What would have happened had all of the Huns not survived the avalanche?

2 answers | my answer: segundo probably, but I don't think Chi Fu would tel...
disney clásico

What disney movie/s made tu amor Disney? :)

34 answers | my answer: I am always liked disney but when I was 12 we bough...
princesas de disney

Since mulan is Princess of the month: Does anyone know any good Mulan-Fanfic?

2 answers | my answer: Okay, I know this is really REALLY late but it's Mu...
princesas de disney

What do tu want to be when tu grow up? (PLEASE ANSWER)

7 answers | my answer: I'm not sure, as a kid I wanted to be vet, but then...
princesas de disney

Which preguntas tu will ask about Mickey and Minnie's amor Relantioship?

8 answers | my answer: How tu actually met?