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you're gonna be the death of me someday but i amor tu very muchpublicado hace 6 días
big smile
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yeeesss we've had our club for three years now o más and i amor it. there are so many memories on it. i want a fanatic medal so bad alslkfjh i deserve one por now it's frustrating. dude i don't even know what i'm doing with my perfil i can't decide on an aesthetic. the struggle is real. i amor our headers though and i'll probably always keep it unless we find something else to match with. like...yin and yang? i just had the idea lol
what about this
publicado hace 6 días
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my box is just a boring cardboard box haha maybe i'll buy a nice one o something. like wooden o something. dude i know we have a million ideas and only act on like maybe 4/10 on average haha. being in shape will be nice. i'm a lil worried about what my stomach is gonna look like when this all over. eeeek. but there's nothing i can do about it so i'll roll with it. dude yes i can't wait for your june ramble! i was so excited during the last one as tu know slkjslkf publicado hace 6 días