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Can someone please tell me if Chester from Linkin Park really did die please? I'm getting yes's and no's from everyone else. publicado hace 10 meses
CokeTheUmbreon comentó…
Yes. He did die. hace 10 meses
zanhar1 comentó…
He did, yes. hace 10 meses
Makeupdiva comentó…
People who say no are either lying o they live under a rock. Look it up. He commited suicide por hanging. hace 9 meses
If tu guys go to your local biblioteca online (that is if there not greedy) tu can request any Imagine dragones CD and borrow it for free. publicado hace 10 meses
big smile
destinysnebula dicho …
JUST SO tu ALL KNOW. NONE OF THE PICTURES ARE MINE. EXCEPT FOR THE minecraft GIRL ON MY ICON. publicado hace más de un año